PNT (pNetwork Token) Coin Price Prediction 2020, 2021, 2025, 2030

What is pNetwork Token?

Eidoo i.e. EDO token is upgraded to the pNetwork Token i.e. PNT Coin support by the Binance Platform. the token upgrade was takes on 18th June 2020, where all trading platform suspend the EDO trading and withdrawal by giving early notice to the EDO holder.

Kyber Network and Bancor Network integrated to launch pNetwork with London based firm Provable Things i.e. compony who is active since 2015 and providing oracle-based services along with Blockchain.

The launch of pNetwork will be divided in to 3 phases, starting with phase 0, where network will be using TEE (Trusted Execution Environment) technology to provided transparency on the validator node which will work as multiple operators in the community. pTokens enable cross chain liquidity into the Decentralized Finance (Defi) Dapp that will be the compatible with crypto assets. pTokens will be powered by blockchain technology with the trusted computing resulting in security-oriented bridge i.e. pToken bridge and that will to minimizing various risk because of supporting entities.

pTokens uses governance token to create crypto-economic incentive to removes trusted intermediary. pToken bridge can be built for establishing connection between two different network that will help to transfer crypto assets into any other blockchain, as token on Ethereum will be shaped as ERC-77 Token pegged one to one to the non-ETH based cryptocurrency.

PNT Coin Price Prediction

The pNetwork aims to create fully decentralized network of validator and multiple validator’s taking care of single point of failure in the network. as we seen success of decentralized Finance based cryptocurrency like compound, Celsius Network and Nexo, so similarly backing of two different blockchain project pNetwork also getting huge recommendation in DeFi world. Since last 1 week, PNT Coin is creating huge buzz in the trending list, where it was the most searched altcoin project, as currently it is listed on Coingeko and waiting to be listed on CMC. the launched price after swapping with EDO is around $0.61 USD and as of writing it reaches to all-time high by trading at price $0.83 USD.

PNT Price Prediction 2020

Month & YearPrice Prediction in USD
August 2020$0.78 USD
September 2020$1.01 USD
October 2020$1.25 USD
November 2020$1.56 USD
December 2020$1.89 USD

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pNetwork Price Prediction 2021 to 2030

Quarter & YearPrice Prediction USD
January 2021$1.334 USD
March 2021$1.67 USD
June 2021$2.01 USD
September 2021$2.32 USD
December 2021$2.06 USD
January 2025$6.09 USD
March 2025$7.23 USD
June 2025$7.45 USD
September 2025$7.78 USD
December 2025$7.56 USD
January 2030$11.24 USD
March 2030$10.67 USD
June 2030$10.89 USD
September 2030$10.54 USD
December 2030$11.34 USD
PNT Coin Price Prediction

pNetwork Overview

Project namepNetwork
Ticker SymbolPNT
Total Supply59,634,176 PNT
Based onLiquidity Decentralized Finance
Launched year2019
All-time high$0.83 USD
Exchange PlatformBinance, Bitfinex, Loopring

pToken FAQ

Is PNT Coin Good Investment?

The DeFi project currently ruling the crypto market and providing huge reward in the different form, so PNT will be the best choice for long term and short-term investment.

Can PNT Reach $1 USD?

Yes, in 2020 we might see PNT Reaching $1 USD mark.  

How Much pNetwork Worth in 2030?

Probably hitting $10 USD mark and trading somewhere between $10 USD.


pToken will bringing major change in the Defi DApps platform, it is designed to overcome walled garden limitation of Blockchain protocol, as this was most wanted upgrade in the current system. In the current decentralized economy many network still faces lack of cross-chain interoperability as this thing will be playing important role in the future Blockchain and cryptocurrency. so, pNetwork looking to build ideal DeFi system that will move any crypto asset securely and instantly for that pToken technology help to connect any token with any blockchain.

The pToken for any other crypto asset will automatically create its own token means for e.g. we have EOS token then pToken will initiate it pEOS and it will be having same value as original token. using this user can maintain their stake into a crypto asset with Decentralized Lending platform and Decentralized Exchange. As initially it will be operated by founders and later the governance and operations will be handed over network validator, as community will having freedom run crucial codes on the network because pNetwork with TEE technology will provide security via multi-party computation.

PNT Coin Rating