Energy Web Token (EWT) Price Prediction 2020, 2021, 2025, 2030

What is Energy Web?

Energy Web (EW) finally launched their first ever project using Blockchain technology, its non-profit organization who working on the project since 2017. The project was launched by co-founder of think and do tank i.e. rocky mountain institute after collaboration with Grid Singularity (GSy), as they help to build Blockchain. this energy Blockchain start-up already invested more than $322 million and in 2018 more than 37+ affiliates grown from the Community

The main mission of project is to promote electric system i.e. EV technology to eliminated carbon pollution by collaborating with Blockchain and decentralized technologies. In order to provide solution to lower carbon emission EW is focusing on the launching core infrastructure, adoption of commercial solution in the different industry and sharing of technology.

In 2019 EW come up with the Energy Web Chain i.e. said to be first ever open-source blockchain technology based on electricity or energy sector. Initially for launching testnet they had used public Ethereum’s Kovan Network and uses proof of authority to validate transaction. now, Energy Web mainet is based on EW—DOS i.e. Energy Web Decentralized Operation System, which is open stack decentralized software and standard that include SDK and other services.

Energy Web Token Price Prediction

Month & YearEWT Price Prediction
September 2020$13.1081
October 2020$15.2727
November 2020$14.1904
December 2020$15.0322
January 2021$17.4374
February 2021$18.5197
March 2021$15.8740
April 2021$20.0830
May 2021$20.8046
June 2021$22.4882
July 2021$18.7602
August 2021$22.7287
September 2021$26.5769
October 2021$27.8998
November 2021$25.6149
December 2021$32.1088
January 2022$35.2355
February 2022$40.1660
March 2022$43.6535
April 2022$40.5268
May 2022$46.2992
June 2022$44.3751
July 2022$27.8998
August 2022$28.7416
September 2022$30.7859
October 2022$33.0708
November 2022$33.4316
December 2022$34.5139
January 2025$94.8833
April 2025$93.5604
July 2025$98.9720
October 2025$113.4029
Decemeber 2025$105.1052
January 2030$159.2211
April 2030$169.8038
July 2030$164.6327
October 2030$164.6327
December 2030$181.8295

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Energy Web Token Overview

Project nameEnergy Web
Ticker SymbolEWT
Total Supply100,000,000 EWT
Based onEnergy EV Blockchain
Launched year2017
All-time high$8.13 USD
Exchange PlatformLiquid, BitMart
WalletMyCrypto, MetaMask, Ledger and Trezor.
PartnersCentral American Electricity retailer, Vodafone, Swytch,

EWT Token ICO Overview

No, ICO or IEO found.

Energy Web Token Price Analysis

Energy Web Token is native token of the ecosystem that is not based on ERC20 Token but using Bridge it can be minted. The main purpose of EWT is to provide security by detecting and projecting the network from misbehaviour and it also used to provide rewards to the blocks and validation via transaction fees. EWT playing major role in the economics of Energy Web project in which it will be used to payment for service that enhance dApps. On 30th march 2020, EWT indexed on coinmarketcap where the opening trade price was equal to $1.05. however, EW started gaining noticeable market cap volume from 20th may 2020 and that was time where bullish run of EWT starts. if we look at time ROI since indexed, which is almost over 415% and probably it continues to positive trend till end of 2020.

Energy Web Token Price Prediction


Can EWT Reach $10 USD?

Yes, most probably this can happen in end of 2020.

How Much Energy Web Token Worth in 2030?

Probably crossing $30 USD mark.

Is Energy Web a Good Investment?

Yes, both long and short term will be the good option.


The Energy EV Technology is future, because currently many automobile industries launching their fully electric cars and also other commercial adopting electric solution and with the help of growing Blockchain technology the market will be on different level. EW bagging more partnership with different counties recently they closely working with Australia and German based companies and the Partnership with Vodafone will be the game changer for them. in the solution column they have launched Renewable energy markets and demand flexibility and Electric vehicle, as more technology will be added.

Energy Web Token Rating