Polkadex (PDEX) Coin Price Prediction 2021, 2022, 2025, 2030, 2050

What is Polkadex?

Polkadex aiming to innovate traditional DEX i.e., Decentralized Exchange Working by introducing CEX i.e., centralized exchange features. it is trading engine for web3 and DeFi based on orderbook based crypto exchange built on substrate aka Polkadot ecosystem. name itself justify project ambition, as if you break Polkadex then we will get Polka means Polkadot and DEX means decentralized exchange.

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Polkadex aiming to solve main problem in existing DEX, as there is problem like bad user interference, hard to use, higher transaction fees, no orderbook and other automated features. as of writing there are few DEX that provide multiple device support for trading as most of user still uses PC or laptop and wanted to access through mobile phones or laptops.

Polkadex Orderbook will be key feature which is nothing but non-custodial layer 2 based exchange. Platform will give access with connection of Web3 wallets based on chrome or other browser extension, mobile phone OS support. Under orderbook can actually see open order, order history, trade history along with price graph. order placing also going to transparent and open as user can select swap amount in percentage like CEX with per token price, transaction fees and estimated balance. Polkadex offer to store your asset on exchange without fear of hack or any attack on the investment. so, moreover user can implement algorithm trading with non-custodial environment.

Polkadex Price Prediction

Month & YearPDEX Price Prediction
August 2021$11.66
September 2021$21.64
October 2021$24.44
November 2021$26.25
December 2021$30.02
January 2022$40.35
February 2022$43.50
March 2022$66.33
April 2022$78.20
May 2022$91.46
June 2022$85.18
July 2022$106.12
August 2022$113.80
September 2022$127.07
October 2022$101.24
November 2022$120.78
December 2022$143.13
March 2023$127.77
June 2023$136.14
September 2023$153.60
January 2025$314.88
March 2025$287.65
May 2025$308.59
July 2025$272.99
September 2025$316.27
October 2025$326.75
Decemeber 2025$343.50
January 2030$608.81
March 2030$645.11
May 2030$700.97
July 2030$727.50
September 2030$671.64
December 2030$750.54

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Polkadex Overview

Project namePolkadex
Ticker SymbolPDEX
Total Supply20,000,000
Official websitePolkadex.trade
Based onDEX
Launched year2020
All-time high$250 USD
Exchange PlatformUniswap, Kucoin
WalletMetamask, TrustWallet

PDEX IDO Overview

Platform usedPolkastarter & Kucoin
Raised by$250,000 USD
Date of ICO16th April 2021
IDO Price$2 USD
Partners & investorFractal, Klit Protocol, DAG, Master Venture, Kenetic, Genblock Capital, Blocksync Ventures, GBIC, GBV, Outlier Ventures, NGC Ventures, BTX Capital, CMS.

PDEX Price Analysis

PDEX Token opens trading following overwhelming response in IDO hosted on Polkastarter and IEO on KuCoin. PDEX was sold out within few minutes with fixed price of $2 USD, as after listing its almost reaches to $250 USD. so, people who invested in IDO or IEO almost gained 124x ROI if they sold at ATH price. PDEX as of writing maintaining neutral resistance of $30 USD, as due to low circulated supply we could see price keeps on growing possibly in quarter 3 of 2021. Polkadex has great feature and development line-up, in that IDO Launchpad could be the reason to motivate investor hold or stake PDEX token in future.

PDEX in ERC20 Token based on Ethereum network, as platform providing staking option, where some fixed percentage of every transaction will be distributed within users. PDEX will be essential token coming time because once platform launched mainnet and starts trading, IDO project launching, Liquidity and other DEX services, token holder will get benefit from platform. PDEX demand will increase once platform all feature goes live and that time PDEX value may cross $250 mark.


Will PDEX hit $100?

PDEX demand probably increase after Q3 of 2021, as that could help PDEX to reach $100 milestone.

Is PDEX a Good Investment?

PDEX for long term HODL will be the great move, as try to buy below $25 USD price.


Polkadex wanted to bring all key feature of CEX like Binance, Coinbase, Gate or other onto Decentralized exchange. we know most of DEX platform based on Ethereum network, as gas fees skyrocketing and also transaction speed is way slower. As of now to complete one trade users need to pay transaction fees over $50 which affecting low amount transactions. so, Polkadot integration will help to complete 500k transaction per second along with low transaction fees on every cross-chain swap or liquidity providing.

We know daily thousand of new crypto user joining cryptocurrency space and wanted to invest maintaining decentralized approach. as of now DEX UI and UX is very poot at the moment and there is no upgrade since last 2 year even after volume growth. Polkadot parachain will be most awaited feature that will bridge liquidity from Polkadot to Polkadex, as trader can bring liquidity without trusting their assets eliminating centralized service.

in the proposed solution, Polkadex will be solve problem like high price slippage, arbitraging, frontrunning and high swap fees. however, fee lees transaction and faster transaction speed with scalability could attract more trade into the platform. orderbook is most asked feature that was asked multiple time by existing DEX user and getting this feature along with low gas fees will be the bonus.

IDO launchpad is another bonus from Polkadex, where project aiming to provide more transparent, secure and compliant environment. Polkadex Mobile launching end of 2021 year, that allow trader to place, modify or cancel order on mobile devices. In additional feature, Polkadex will support new token migration on polkadot, Decentralized KYC, IDO Pallet, high frequency trading, High Liquidity, NFTs and Forkless upgrade.

Polkadex Rating