SafePal (SFP) Coin Price Prediction 2021, 2022, 2025, 2030, 2050

What is SafePal?

SafePal is all in one or multi-option Cryptocurrency platform that offer most of crypto feature in one app. SafePul offer use to Store, Manage, Explore, Track, Trade and Swap more than 10k crypto asset. it was started with mainstream crypto wallet that provide both software and hardware wallet for higher security and protection for user investment. SafePal App launched for Android and Apple OS user with maximum tool. SafePal extent support 10 Blockchain that include Binance Chain, BSC and more.

SafePal was founded in 2018 which was invested and backed by Binance Labs. Project started selling hardware wallet online over 100 countries globally. In order provide advanced security SafePal with their wallet adopted decentralized, offline and open-source nature.

Project following roadmap, where network was integrated with BSC to allow BEP20 Token. in order to extent support to multiple Crypto asset network embedded with Binance Exchange. SafePal Ecosystem includes Partner, developers, community. under community ecosystem backed by governance system that belong to token holder and app users.

SafePal Price Prediction

SafePal added to upcoming project on the Binance Exchange, as currently Binance hosted BNB locking program to raising project volume. SafePal going to launch their own Token i.e., SFP Token based on BEP-20 Binance Smart Chain. SFP token holder gets various offer and discount on purchasing asset, wallet and other trading services within App. SafePal continue to push SFP token with special coupon and partner also get benefits. SFP will be playing important role while operating hardware wallet solution to user. SafePal App added SFP on their platform, where it can claim via doing different task. Task include different crypto asset to hold for given time and as per announcement holding BNB task will be the last.

SafePal Overview

Project nameSafePal
Ticker SymbolSFP
Total Supply500,000,000
Based onWallet
Launched year2018
All-time highNA
Exchange PlatformOwn Exchange, Binance
WalletOwn wallet
Month & YearSFP Price Prediction
April 2021$2.87
May 2021$3.42
June 2021$3.82
July 2021$4.04
August 2021$4.35
September 2021$3.23
October 2021$3.82
November 2021$4.20
December 2021$4.97
January 2022$5.08
February 2022$5.54
March 2022$5.92
April 2022$5.73
May 2022$6.68
June 2022$6.11
July 2022$6.80
August 2022$6.30
September 2022$6.71
October 2022$6.33
November 2022$6.87
December 2022$6.49
January 2025$6.80
March 2025$26.19
April 2025$27.32
May 2025$26.57
July 2025$27.51
September 2025$27.72
October 2025$27.32
Decemeber 2025$26.94
January 2030$27.56
February 2030$52.74
March 2030$52.00
April 2030$53.13
May 2030$53.72
July 2030$54.28
September 2030$53.30
October 2030$54.10
December 2030$54.85

SFP ICO Overview

Platform usedBEP-20
Raised byNA
Date of ICONA
PartnersSimplex, Walletconnect, Trust wallet, Binance, Harmony, Litecoin, BitTemple, ripple, Neo, CoinPayments, JustSwap, compound, Kusama, Qtum, Tron, 1inch, Uniswap, Zcash, DigiByte Blockchain.


Is SafePal a Good Investment?

Buying before listing will be more profitable.


SafePal not that much popular before 2020, but since newly added feature and integration help App to gets more than 100k users. SafePal focusing on user interference and easy to use for every crypto user along with multiple feature support. Platform has integrated with top blockchain, exchange and DeFi Project along with hardware wallet support. in future, SafePal manage to attract more user and it will positively impact SFP Token growth. Staking SFP Token program will let user to earn reward on the platform.

SafePal Rating