The Sandbox (Sand) Coin Price Prediction 2021, 2025, 2030, 2050

What is The Sandbox?

The Sandbox is virtual land-based gaming platform build on Ethereum Blockchain. Platform has lot to offer to the players and developer, where user animate games and also can play with friends. as maker believes that blockchain can bring decentralized approach along with asset integration, so it could easily bring more security and safety to the users. however, Decentraland is similar kind of blockchain project, as with new project Sandbox introduced some features and new games for users.

User all over globe can create, monetize, build and own gaming experience on virtual world created by platform. currently platform is providing three main integrated product that include voxel editor, marketplace and games maker. In combine user can create voxel mode with editor, then in open marketplace user can free trading with in game tokenized asset and also perform operation on 3D gaming platform. blockchain integration is one main long awaited modification that unlock true ownership, digital security, player security, monetization and interoperability.

The Sandbox is well known that was very much famous in industry that launched in 2011 and later they have launched newest version under title Evolution 2016. As platform has 40+ million download on different mobile operating system and developed popular games for user. as per case study in virtual world platform may also offer real object in game import.

The Sandbox Price Prediction

Month & YearSAND Price Prediction
April 2021$0.4068
May 2021$0.4847
June 2021$0.5407
July 2021$0.5724
August 2021$0.6162
September 2021$0.4579
October 2021$0.5407
November 2021$0.5943
December 2021$0.7039
January 2022$0.7185
February 2022$0.7843
March 2022$0.8379
April 2022$0.8111
May 2022$0.9450
June 2022$0.8647
July 2022$0.9621
August 2022$0.8914
September 2022$0.9499
October 2022$0.8963
November 2022$0.9718
December 2022$0.9182
January 2025$0.9621
March 2025$3.7070
April 2025$3.8678
May 2025$3.7606
July 2025$3.8946
September 2025$3.9238
October 2025$3.8678
Decemeber 2025$3.8142
January 2030$3.9019
February 2030$7.4652
March 2030$7.3605
April 2030$7.5213
May 2030$7.6041
July 2030$7.6845
September 2030$7.5456
October 2030$7.6577
December 2030$7.7648

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The Sandbox Overview

Project nameThe Sandbox
Ticker SymbolSAND
Total Supply3,000,000,000
Based onDecentralized game
Launched year2018
All-time high$0.14 USD
Exchange PlatformBinance, Upbit, MXC, Huobi Gobal, Bithumb, Bilaxy, Uniswap, Liquid.
WalletOwn Wallet

Sand ICO Overview

Platform usedERC-20
Raised by$3,000,000 USD
Date of ICO10th August 2020
ICO Price$0.0083 USD
PartnersAtari, Square Enix, Animoca Brands, Hashed, Helix, Wax, Maker, Cryptokitties, Opera, Flow, NFT, Dap, Gitcoin, Infura.  

Sand Coin Price Prediction

SAND Token is ERC-20 utility token build on top of Ethereum Blockchain, as Token mainly use a digital asset that tokenized in game. Token can be medium of exchange that enable different task, games on the platform. Staking of Sand also available that will help user to earn rewards and also user can participate in Governance system. however, user can create new asset at any time as it will be count as non-fungible and also 100% supply will be distributed to players. so, The Sandbox will be fully decentralized project with 100% decision making will be depend on Sand token holder.

The sandbox price prediction

As it was announcing earlier Sand Token listed on top trading platform, as it was one of the Binance launchpad project. Sand Token as per data of CMC was listed in August 2020 with recorded price of $0.058 USD, as later it continues to follow neutral trend. in 2021, Sand Coin making headline after 265% surged in less than 3 month, as all-time ROI crosses 1000%.


How much SAND will be worth in 5 years?

Probably cross $1 USD mark.

Is The Sandbox a Good Investment?

Gaming industry continue to change and with opportunity earn can attract more player, so it will be good investment for long term.


The Sandbox quickly gets attention from investor and people related to gaming industry. We know platform already been in market since early 2011, i.e., almost 10 year of experience in gaming, as it continues receives great response where number says it all. The Sandbox always wanted to bring decentralized approach into gaming industry with improvised features for players. platform has offer unique way earn and play with multiplayer option will be future and expected to become million-dollar market in future. Sandbox is the same project that handle two trending games i.e., Factorio and Minecraft.

The Sandbox Rating