SALT Price Prediction 2018, 2019, 2020, Future Forecast Till $10 USD

SALT Price Prediction

Salt Lending with token name SALT showing his presence with 40% growth rate in July 2018 which is not predictable and there is small growth in cryptocurrency ranked top of highest market cap list, as per report from last few weeks the many country reconsider unofficial banned over cryptocurrency trading and mining and may get official report very soon but right now from top 100 cryptocurrency, SALT is leading growth shower with 42% of peak rate reported on 18th July 2018, for this they getting bigger attention than other and now many investor thinking to purchase this coin, as many of you thinking why this Crypto getting more attention than other and reason is its technology which has blockchain based Loan service in which over $50 Billion USD is invested till now and along with this their original service to repair blockchain or fixing bugs in technology and to connect to users it uses smart contacts for distribution loan.

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SALT Coin Price Prediction 2018

SALT was makes perfect timing debut at cryptocurrency world i.e. September 2017 and gets indexed on 29th September 2017 at with price $6.91 nearly $7 USD and that time crypto is new to world where people started taking interest in investing coins like Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum and Litecoin after this there are few other coins launched in which SALT playing important role and gets price boost after December 2017 and continuously rising in price in which it reaches to all time highest on 29th December 2017 with $16.72 USD and during crypto price on the moon event SALT not able to hold growth and after 9 days after reaching highest price, it’s started dropping with same percentage growth in December 2017 and in just one SALT again come back to its original average price till beginning of march 2018, at this point there is cryptocurrency is facing lots of crash and technology bugs, then in may & June month SALT was maintaining average $1.4 USD price, after this we calculated nature of this crypto and we have predicted some figure which follows the same path for rest of year.

Month & YearPrice Prediction in USD
August 2018$1.29 USD
September 2018$1.32 USD
October 2018$1.59 USD
November 2018$2.562 USD
December 2018$3.672 USD

Note: above price is just prediction which will be true or false.

SALT Future Forecast 2020

2020 will be the biggest year for cryptocurrency world because as per current rate of technology growth the investing world will be more likely convert into virtual currency and in this first preference goes to Crypto world because of age factor, expected growth in technology such as private information of account balance and other as we know there are very banks in worldwide who kept secret money in which no one has rights to know specific person holding how much amount money, so considering this and possibility of profit percentage SALT  will be the great choice because they offering Loan service with collaboration with Blockchain which has great scope as well as great record of privacy and security of data, now considering this SALT will reach $25 USD mark at beginning of 2020 then with average price of $30 to $32 USD price it will close year by crossing $40 or if there is price on the moon event it there $50 USD also expected figure will be possible so considering this we have put some prediction below.

Month & YearPrice Prediction in USD
January 2020$25.22 USD
February 2020$26.32 USD
March 2020$24.45 USD
April 2020$26.42 USD
May 2020$27.33 USD
June 2020$29.63 USD
July 2020$27.32 USD
August 2020$31.1 USD
September 2020$32.08 USD
November 2020$37.45 USD
December 2020$32.05 USD

Note: the above prediction is based on price report from September 2017 to July 2018 of SALT coin.


Cryptocurrency NameSALT Lending
Ticker SymbolSALT Token
Total Supply120,000,000 SALT
Date of index29 September 2017
InformationBank Services Based on Blockchain
End of ICO DateQ4 2017

Note: We will update the above information very soon.

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