Selfkey (Key) Coin Price Prediction 2023, 2024, 2025, 2030, 2050

What is Selfkey?

As name suggest “Self Key” means self-generated key or password for accessing data. Considering current situation in cryptocurrecy world that lots of customer-facing security, data privacy, hacking issue, account getting hacked and more, so to overcome this problem and giving better option to fight with kind of stuff. Selfkey come up with newly launched technology that works on end to end digital identity system with the help of blockchain system.

This Technology is available free of cost and also provide wallet to store your investment or funds for free. It specially designed for customer or user to control their personal data as per their choice and freedom to use it per their convenience. Project also have their online marketplace, which has financial based product and features like JSON-LD Protocol and Key Token.

Selfkey providing services for metaverse and NFT in term of security, privacy, proof of personhood and many more. Selfkey has been one the consistent security provider and as trend changes their services also get upgraded by team.

SelfKey Price Prediction

Month & YearKEY Price Prediction
March 2023#VALUE!
April 2023#VALUE!
May 2023#VALUE!
June 2023#VALUE!
July 2023#VALUE!
August 2023#VALUE!
September 2023#VALUE!
October 2023#VALUE!
November 2023#VALUE!
December 2023#VALUE!
January 2024#VALUE!
March 2024#VALUE!
April 2024#VALUE!
July 2024#VALUE!
October 2024#VALUE!
January 2025#VALUE!
February 2025#VALUE!
March 2025#VALUE!
April 2025#VALUE!
May 2025#VALUE!
June 2025#VALUE!
July 2025#VALUE!
August 2025#VALUE!
September 2025#VALUE!
October 2025#VALUE!
November 2025#VALUE!
Decemeber 2025#VALUE!
January 2030#VALUE!
March 2030#VALUE!
May 2030#VALUE!
July 2030#VALUE!
September 2030#VALUE!
December 2030#VALUE!

Selfkey Overview

Project nameSelfkey
Ticker SymbolKey
Total Supply5,999,999,954
Based onFinancial services
Launched year2017
All-time high$0.090307 USD
Exchange PlatformBinance, Bilaxy, Kucoin, Hotbit, Kucoin, CoinDCX, HitBTC, Probit Exchange, Kyber Network, Serenity, IDCM, WhiteBIT, Crex24, IDEX
WalletSelfkey Wallet

Selfkey ICO Overview

Platform usedERC20
Raised by$ 21,780,000 USD
Date of ICO14th January 2018
ICO Price$0.015 USD
PartnersBitcratic, STO Analytics, Repme, Bitbond, Coinmerce, STO Rating, LOTOKEN, Quanta, Instaswap, Whitebit.

Selfkey Price Analysis

Selfkey price is consistent, as there is no major movement since beginning of 2021 to till now. Even in recent bull and bear run Key token prices remains steady, as per roadmap project planning to bringing more update and hopefully that help to boost token prices. Key Token already listed on top major crypto exchange and its volume since few month quite low comparing with previous year.

Key Coin in 2020 had decent run as sudden spike of market cap volume in September 2020, it somehow able to registered last 1.5-year best figure after reaching at $0.085 USD. however, since then Key continue to follow neutral trend with average price of $0.0022 USD and probably selfkey expected to have better run in 2021. But as of now and analysis of 2020 we could definitely say Selfkey has lost momentum in last two years. still Selfkey believer backed project and that help to bring back project into top 600 list.

Like many other cryptocurrencies, Selfkey (KEY)coin also shook crypto world with their bullish and bearish nature in first 6 to 7 months. Later Selfkey coin price started dropping from $0.033 USD in July 2018 to value of $0.001 USD. Also, all time Return of investment of KEY coin is in negative that is 92% which simply means if you had invested 10$ USD at the time of ICO then you must have ended up with around 0.8$ USD in your account.

As per many crypto experts this low value cryptocurrencies are HIGH RISK & HIGH Profit kind of investments but at same time can give you almost 300 to 500% of ROI, if you could manage to buy and sale crypto coins at precise time. You should invest at your own risk and if you are newbie then you must get advice from financial advisors. Speaking about Selfkey price prediction for year 2020 then there are very less chances that this Selfkey coin will give you acceptable profit in coming few months. It might reach 0.002 $ USD of value by end of this year.

Selfkey Price Prediction

Selfkey FAQ

Can Selfkey Reach $1 USD?

Maybe it takes more 20 to 30 years.

How Much Selfkey Worth in 2030?

Probably reaches to $0.01 USD

Is Selfkey a Good Investment?

No, Selfkey not that much profitable to invest as there are many new crypto available.

Key Coin is ticker symbol of Selfkey cryptocurrency which was launched in 2017 and gets coin market cap officially index on date 14th January 2018 & trading at $0.0800 USD price but they not able to create any magic because the time when Key coin is indexed going really awesome top cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum, Tron and other coins in terms of huge growth rate so that time newly launched coin was getting less attention and in another side there is no issue with security and privacy factor because that time there was very less security issue and report of hacking was mostly fake or false and no country banned cryptocurrency, so having security and privacy with more power not a big deal but now things are changed and Selfkey is perfectly fit right now so from last few days in June 2018 we have witnessed the huge growth in price as compare to other cryptocurrency and look like it will cross their starting price till end of July 2018 or beginning of August 2018 and that will be big comeback because looking at top coins this will be biggest peak in price and also seek attention of investor.

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As average price maintain by key coin is $0.0092 USD of last 4 months, but there is no huge growth seen in this run, so with over 35% supply is available for trading and having main network they should make big partnership with big industry which will create price fluctuation, where investor easily attracted and in other side they should start reward system for specific task, as this is the only factor which can turn their run into price on the moon event, as right now cryptocurrency facing really bad phase where month by month all coins price are going down which result people lost their faith in investing this platform and moving back to previous investing options.

2020 will be trendsetter year and there are huge chances of launching many investment options who can replace cryptocurrency or maybe this platform will start rocking again just like beginning of 2018, as many trade expert who predicted that bitcoin will reach $40K USD price till end of 2018 and if this happens then obviously number of investors will add and then trust factor will be created, as right now many country governments are reconsidering case of crypto trading and mining banned or rumours will be disclosed and officially announced, as some things like Banned in China removed will not be going to happen but country who understand future digital world will consider this and also set qualify rule for each and every cryptocurrency, as talking about 2020 price prediction then year has to begin by crossing $1 USD mark and end by crossing $5 USD mark and if user buy selfcoin right now and HODL for 2 or 1.5 years will give better reward and profit.

Selfkey Rating