Super Zero Protocol (SERO) Price Prediction 2020, 2021, 2022, 2025, 2030

What Is SERO?

The SERO is first ever truly privacy protected Blockchain platform that support private transaction with Zero-knowledge proof and at same time it supports smart contracts. SERO wanted to create privacy protecting platform provide scalability, security and stability to the Decentralized Applications. SERO integrate with openness of smart contracts and privacy system closeness.

We have different blockchain platform like Zcash, Monero and Dash protect the privacy transaction but they don’t have smart contract that means there is no protection for Dapps. So, if Monero and other cryptocurrency is privacy version of bitcoin, then SERO is the Privacy version of Ethereum Blockchain. SERO has built ZKP encryption library Super-ZK which is way much faster than Zcash’s zk-SNARKS.  

SERO allowing developers to issue anonymous cryptocurrencies that also supported or used in Dapps. SERO to the business offers privacy so they can keep supply chains details private and individual user can keeps their sensitive information such as bank details, user account and other details confidential. However, SERO support transparency that gives freedom to choose with whom user wanted to share transaction, so SERO gives you freedom to take control on your privacy and data. 

Super Zero Price Prediction

Month & YearSERO Price Prediction
September 2020$0.1775
October 2020$0.2068
November 2020$0.1922
December 2020$0.2036
January 2021$0.2362
February 2021$0.2508
March 2021$0.2150
April 2021$0.2720
May 2021$0.2818
June 2021$0.3046
July 2021$0.2541
August 2021$0.3078
September 2021$0.3599
October 2021$0.3778
November 2021$0.3469
December 2021$0.4348
January 2022$0.4772
February 2022$0.5440
March 2022$0.5912
April 2022$0.5489
May 2022$0.6270
June 2022$0.6010
July 2022$0.3778
August 2022$0.3892
September 2022$0.4169
October 2022$0.4479
November 2022$0.4528
December 2022$0.4674
January 2025$1.2850
April 2025$1.2671
July 2025$1.3404
October 2025$1.5358
Decemeber 2025$1.4234
January 2030$2.1563
April 2030$2.2996
July 2030$2.2296
October 2030$2.2768
December 2030$2.4625

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Super Zero Overview

Project nameSuper Zero Protocol
Ticker SymbolSERO
Total Supply647,367,590 SERO
Based onPrivate blockchain with Smart Contracts
Launched year2019
All-time high$0.343686 USD
Exchange, BitZ, Bilaxy, MXC, HBTC, Hotbit, LBank, Bigone, CoinEx, Digifinex, BiKi, CITEX, CHAOEX, Coinsuper
WalletSERO Wallet

SERO ICO Overview

Platform usedERC-20
Raised by$1,380,000 USD
Date of ICO28th June 2019
ICO Price$0.012 USD
PartnersLD Capital, Hypercash, Quantum Investment fund, Beestore, MinerOS, F2Pool,

Super Zero Protocol Price Analysis

Super Zero Protocol was listed on coinmarketcap on 20th July 2020 with average price of $0.33 USD, but that didn’t work initially because after listing price started dumping huge percentage that cause the negative ROI. as of writing today SERO still having minus ROI but good part is SERO picking bullish trend after march 2020 dropped. 2020’s highest price record is finally broken and heading towards reaching $0.20 USD mark. however, if you see market cap volume after end of may 2020, which was dropped by huge percentage and that may cause another price drop after crossing $0.20 USD mark. hopefully SERO is jumping in the ranking and making way to enter into top 100 list.

Super Zero Protocol Price Prediction


Can SERO Reach $1 USD?

Yes, expected in-between year 2023 to 2024.

How Much Super Zero Worth in 2030?

Probably trading somewhere between $4.00 USD to $4.50 USD

Is Super Zero Protocol a Good Investment?

If you looking for long term investment then go with SERO.


The Privacy at its best Super Zero Protocol will be the one of the most important innovation in the development of Dapps and Ethereum Blockchain. in recent year the demand of Dapps and ETH based project rapidly increasing, so Super Zero Protocol will get huge response from developers and Dapps creator. The new era of zero knowledge proof will begin with Super-ZK protocol.

Super Zero Protocol