Sora (XOR) Coin Price Prediction 2020, 2021, 2022, 2025, 2030

What is SORA?

Sora is world first decentralized & real-world economy platform based on DAE i.e. Decentralized autonomous economy. The Project aim to create economy based on value of collaboration, empowerment, democratization, where people can do transparent voting on blockchain that determine policies and economic resources. Sora has launched SORAMITSU, where client count will help user to launch their most advanced financial application faster and at low cost.

XOR is token used by Sora economic model, where it can be earned by voting on project listed on SORA App. However, voting rights distributed via Sora Passport app, in which Economy full managed on voting and using SORA wallet user can send XOR to anyone worldwide. Supply of XOR divided in three portions where 10% allocated to Soramitsu and voter and remaining 90% is used for project.

XOR relies on multiple platforms, as initially XOR is on ERC-20 Ethereum Blockchain and at same time can also use on permissioned hyperledger lroha Blockchain using bridge. The project seems empower and connect people for small business, culture events, humanitarian project and other. It is officially community driven goods and service powered by Blockchain. SORA founder also responsible in the making project like Hyperledger Lorha, Bakong, Polkaswap, BCA, D3 Ledger, Kagome, Fuhon Byacco.

Sora Price Prediction

Month & YearXOR Price Prediction
September 2020$127.6607
October 2020$130.0923
November 2020$126.4449
December 2020$125.2290
January 2021$138.6030
February 2021$139.8188
March 2021$136.1714
April 2021$149.5454
May 2021$172.6459
June 2021$203.0413
July 2021$186.0198
August 2021$176.2933
September 2021$212.7678
October 2021$198.1780
November 2021$232.2209
December 2021$260.1846
January 2022$248.0265
February 2022$257.7530
March 2022$283.2851
April 2022$274.7744
May 2022$285.7168
June 2022$293.0117
July 2022$282.0693
August 2022$290.5800
September 2022$311.2489
October 2022$334.3494
November 2022$337.9968
December 2022$348.9392
January 2025$716.1156
April 2025$702.7416
July 2025$723.4105
October 2025$781.7697
Decemeber 2025$755.0217
January 2030$1,243.7798
April 2030$1,268.0961
July 2030$1,372.6563
October 2030$1,535.5756
December 2030$1,613.3878

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Sora Price Analysis

On 3rd June SORA successfully got indexed on CMC with average price $2.01 and highest recorded price on same was $2.65 USD. Now, there is not enough data to analysis. However, in the ranking Sora undoubtedly doing great with moderated daily market cap volume.

Sora Price Prediction

Sora Overview

Project nameSora
Ticker SymbolXOR
Total Supply343,668
Based onEconomy blockchain
Launched year2020
All-time high$2.61 USD
Exchange PlatformHoo, MXC, Uniswap
WalletSora app wallet.

XOR ICO Overview

Platform usedNA
Raised byNA
Date of ICONA
PartnersIIJ, Honda, CTC, Intec, Toppan, Panasonic, Unisys, intellect, Sony financial holding, optage, KDDI research, altplus, Nesi, Glocom, OHKEN, Ukuoka DC, NTT Data, National bank of Cambodia, SCSK, mft, datacook, mki, MJS, University of AIZU, Colu, NS solution, Hitachi, NSC


Can Sora Reach $10 USD?

Yes, probably upcoming 2 to 3 years

How Much XOR Worth in 2030?

Probably surged to $30 USD

Is Sora a Good Investment?

Yes, if you see Polkadot involvement in crypto project go for it.


We mentioned above SORA involved in the making of different project, in which Polkaswap the project based on polkadot ecosystem and that project will compete with traditional centralized exchange. The Polkaswap uses same blockchain network as Sora and it will create bridge with kasuma and Polkadot network. Sora come up with different concept that’s aim to solve problem like discourage collaboration, lack of rational economic model and centralized distribution.

Sora Rating