Student Coin (STC) ICO Price Prediction 2021, 2022, 2025, 2030, 2050

What is Student Coin?

Student Coin as name suggest it is Blockchain project backed by Student. It aims to connect students and organisations from almost 500 world’s best universities. Platform enable people, companies, organization, corporation, new project and startup perform tokenization, which means different end user can easily manage, create and design NFT, DeFi Tokens and blockchain projects. As of writing project already having 100k users, more than 500 universities from over 36 countries.

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Student wanted to innovate traditional tokenization process by introducing easy to user and universal ecosystem. Contribution of every student will be playing major role, as it important for development and adopting new technologies. So, everyone can create and manage new token and developed it for long term used, as it also supported token utilities, crowdfunding and listing of new projects.

Any university is home of new technology, innovation, research and good ideas, considering this fact Student Coin will be creating bridge between existing universities for external value transfer. However, Student coin will be focusing on promoting blockchain technologies and their ideas in different universities and creating big international communities. along with students their will be faculties, entrepreneurs from 20 universities including Oxford, London school of economics, Imperial college London, New York university and Harvard university. Student Coin enable together working of biggest market i.e., education, digital transformation and blockchain technologies.

Student Coin Price Prediction

Month & YearSTC Price Prediction
August 2021$0.0108
September 2021$0.0200
October 2021$0.0225
November 2021$0.0242
December 2021$0.0277
January 2022$0.0372
February 2022$0.0401
March 2022$0.0612
April 2022$0.0721
May 2022$0.0843
June 2022$0.0785
July 2022$0.0979
August 2022$0.1049
September 2022$0.1172
October 2022$0.0934
November 2022$0.1114
December 2022$0.1320
March 2023$0.1178
June 2023$0.1255
September 2023$0.1416
January 2025$0.2904
March 2025$0.2653
May 2025$0.2846
July 2025$0.2517
September 2025$0.2917
October 2025$0.3013
Decemeber 2025$0.3168
January 2030$0.5614
March 2030$0.5949
May 2030$0.6464
July 2030$0.6709
September 2030$0.6194
December 2030$0.6921

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How to Buy Student Coin?

  • Step 1: Go to Official ICO Platform Student Coin
  • Step 2: Create an account with basic information (No KYC Required)
  •  Step 3: go to Launchpad tab and enter USD value you want to invest
  • Step 4: you can have multiple option to invest including, Coinbase, Metamask wallet and Debit or Credit Card.
  • Step 5: choose above option and complete payment
  • Step 6: once you confirm payment, STC Will automatically added to your account.

Note: use ETH (ERC20 Network) for sending ETH from Metamask wallet, you can send ETH from Binance or other exchange to Metamask and then Metamask to Student Coin Account.

Do not send ETH directly from Exchange Wallet it can cause loss of STC coin.

Student Coin Overview

Project nameStudent Coin
Ticker SymbolSTC
Total Supply10,000,000,000
Based onStudent Ecosystem
Launched year2017
All-time highNA
Exchange PlatformCointiger, Uniswap
WalletOwn Wallet

STC ICO Overview

Platform usedOwn Platform
Raised by$21,000,000* (updating after phase 150)
Date of ICO1st February 2021 to 30th April 2021
PartnersHarvard university PS blockchain research Group, London School of Economics, Investment Club, Blockchain Capital Group, Tamid Group.

STC Coin Price Analysis

STC has already listed on two major exchange platform including Uniswap and CoinTiger. however, project continues ICO As per their schedule where it going to complete all 150 phases as per roadmap. STC was listed on CMC at $0.001512 average price on 31st July 2020, but STC starts gaining huge market volume from 16th January 2021 where it reaches to $0.023 USD from $0.0016 within 3 months. early investor already earned 100x return of investment, as considering phase 150 value people will still having chance to have benefit.

Recently Student coin announces their fork upgrade where STC token V1 will be switching to Token V2. As there no action required because STC token will perform transfer automatically for every STC holders. STC will be having business and education part, as it will be having multiple uses on platform. STC will be consider as central currency, in which every new token created on Student coin will having holding part of STC holder. STC fuel its own Exchange, Wallet, building tool and more. STC terminal token creation and management will be carried out using STC token.


Will STC Coin hit $1?

Student Coin ICO sale not stop, as investor continue filling each phase in less than 24 hours and after major CEX listing, which happening in Q3 2021 will be time where STC can hit $1 USD.

Is Student Coin a Good Investment?

Buying Student Coin at ICO Sale will be great choice, as its value continue grow as phase changes, so remember Phase 150 will be final phase.


In the growing world of Decentralized Finance, Blockchain and NFT we will be witnessing or expected new concept and innovation in future. as we know universities and student having major capabilities to bringing something innovative, new technologies. So, considering potential of student, universities Student coin doing exactly same thing, as they providing platform where they can work together to bringing more innovation with blockchain technology. Student Coin already working with top universities around the world and they already having working partnership with most of them.

So, not only more student will get early access for blockchain, but they will understand about technology and its future potential. in DeFi world we already having platform that allow user to create and manage tokens with user friendly interference. So, student Coin need to work on easy to user and better UX in order to convert any project, startup in the blockchain ecosystem.

Student Coin Rating