Swingby Coin Price Prediction 2021, 2022, 2025, 2030, 2040, 2050

What is Swingby?

Swingby was started development in 2018 with the aim of creating tool that will connect bitcoin with other existing blockchain platform. as of now, project launched as wrap speed protocol for cross-chain swap and allowing Decentralized finance user to perform asset transfer within blockchain without any involvement of trusted party. Network uses multi-party computing with layer 2 infrastructure to execute faster asset swap.

Skybridge is key feature of Swingby Protocol that seamlessly create bridges between different blockchain like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance Chain and other. in simple words Skybridge will move Bitcoin to Ethereum, Binance chain without central custody. So, network will be unveiling capabilities of DeFi including liquidity pool, Decentralized exchange and easy to use. Back in December 2020 Swingby become first ever network that launches Bitcoin bridging Ethereum via WBTC. Every bridge on network will be present as proof of stake consensus algorithmic network.

Project with simple vision where token no longer depended on single network, as it can be use on multiple blockchain platform. Swingby has built simple widget that allow user to bridge token with three simple steps i.e., Book Swap, Send tokens and complete process. In this process user just need to add destination address and then metanodes will form consensus and transfer coin to destinated address.

Swingby Price Prediction

Month & YearSWINGBY Price Prediction
April 2021$1.15
May 2021$1.37
June 2021$1.53
July 2021$1.62
August 2021$1.74
September 2021$1.29
October 2021$1.53
November 2021$1.68
December 2021$1.99
January 2022$2.03
February 2022$2.22
March 2022$2.37
April 2022$2.29
May 2022$2.67
June 2022$2.44
July 2022$2.72
August 2022$2.52
September 2022$2.69
October 2022$2.53
November 2022$2.75
December 2022$2.60
January 2025$2.72
March 2025$10.48
April 2025$10.94
May 2025$10.63
July 2025$11.01
September 2025$11.09
October 2025$10.94
Decemeber 2025$10.78
January 2030$11.03
February 2030$21.11
March 2030$20.81
April 2030$21.26
May 2030$21.50
July 2030$21.73
September 2030$21.33
October 2030$21.65
December 2030$21.95

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Swingby Overview

Project nameSwingby
Ticker SymbolSWIGBY
Total Supply1,000,000,000
Official websiteSwingby.network
Based onCross-chain swap
Launched year2018
All-time high$1.06 USD
Exchange PlatformPancakeswap, Binance Dex, Probit Exchange, Hoo, Bilaxy, Poloniex.
WalletTrust Wallet, Atomic wallet.

Swingby ICO Overview

Platform usedBEP2
Raised by$560,000 USD
Date of ICO23rd July 2020
ICO Price$0.025 USD
PartnersKira Protocol, Band Protocol, Elrond, waves.

Swingby Price Analysis

Swingby Token is based on BEP2 built on top of Binance chain. swingby Token will be added on other blockchain to which can established connection via Skybridge. Swingby Token also important for user that checking eligibility to participate in a TSS Group. Similar like other platform this token will be distributed for growth of Swingby ecosystem. Swingby Token listed on pancakeswap and now network will offer user to swap BEP2 Token into BEP20 easily. Swingby Token now traded at $1 USD price as per data from coinmarketcap recorded n 18th February 2020. Now comparing ICO price i.e., $0.025 USD Swingby Token surges by 3900%. Project sees huge ranking growth as project expected to be added in other top trading platform that will help them to connect with more investor, which can bring another bullish event in the run.

Swingby Price Prediction


How Much Swingby Worth in 2030?

As per our analysis and demand of project it may worth $50 USD.

Is Swingby a Good Investment?

DYOR and consider this project for long term, as cross-chain swap and blockchain inter transaction still highly in demand.


Swingby who first network to brought inter blockchain transfer of bitcoin and other tokens is most reliable network. we know popularity and compatibility of DeFi field continue to grow and popularity of ERC20 by bridging token with Ethereum network is highly demanded. Swingby with Skybridge integration can utilize DEX, lending, borrowing protocol and AMM protocol on the network. in the newest technology project has introduced TSS means Threshold signature scheme that works for swaps and it used by open-source project. so, in future this project will unlocking DeFi features and will be responsible for growth of DeFi.

Swingby Rating