Tellor (TRB) Coin Price Prediction 2020, 2021, 2025, 2030

What is Tellor?

We know smart contract on Ethereum Network cannot fetch or access Off-chain data but Tellor has solution. Tellor with decentralized Oracle can access highly worth off-chain data or information and bring it on Ethereum Blockchain. Tellor in solution simply create system where entities can post value of an off-chain information or date and later miner will compete to add value to on-chain data.

Tellor project was initially begin their development under Daxia name, as it was basically using centralized oracle. However, that project did not fulfil their ambition to they dropped to that idea and with Tellor they developed fully decentralized Oracle. Chainlink and Band Protocol are two big projects on Blockchain oracle, basically oracle create bridge between smart contract and off-chain data or information to the blockchain.

Tellor uses TRB native token and it utilize incentive mechanism to other supported asset though insurance of token. TRB token distributed as rewards to the random Proof of Work miners. once miner fetch data from real world it added to on-chain network for smart contract and earning paid by TRB Token. initially, to start mining user must deposit TRB token, as dispute resolution and governance will required for voting for the validity of information or data.

Tellor Price Prediction

Month & YearTRB Price Prediction
November 2020$28.99
December 2020$33.78
January 2021$31.38
February 2021$33.25
March 2021$38.56
April 2021$40.96
May 2021$35.11
June 2021$44.42
July 2021$46.01
August 2021$49.74
September 2021$41.49
October 2021$50.27
November 2021$58.78
December 2021$61.70
January 2022$56.65
February 2022$71.01
March 2022$77.93
April 2022$88.83
May 2022$96.55
June 2022$89.63
July 2022$102.40
August 2022$98.14
September 2022$61.70
October 2022$63.57
November 2022$68.09
December 2022$73.14
January 2025$73.94
March 2025$76.33
May 2025$209.85
July 2025$206.92
October 2025$218.89
Decemeber 2025$250.81
January 2030$232.45
March 2030$352.14
May 2030$375.54
July 2030$364.11
October 2030$371.82
December 2030$402.14

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Tellor Overview

Project nameTellor
Ticker SymbolTRB
Total Supply1,551,723
Based onDecentralized Oracle
Launched year2019
All-time high$89.66 USD
Exchange PlatformBinance, Uniswap, Okex, Huobi Global, Hotbit, BiKi, Bithumb Global, BKEX,, Bilaxy.
WalletTrust Wallet, Ledger, Metamask.
PartnerBinance Labs, MakerDAO, consensys, Bidaochain.
Tellor Price Prediction

Tellor Price Analysis

Tellor aim to provide infrastructure for dApps as early miners can earn and deposit Tellor Tributes i.e. TRB Token. Tellor being DeFi with Decentralized Oracle having positive vibe in Blockchain market following footstep of Chainlink. Tellor network secure by Crypto-economic incentive that also using Tellor Token. following governance and primary use of Tellor token it passively gaining huge market volume since its debut on listing. TRB was trading at maximum price of $89.66 USD on 29th august 2020, as $71.25 USD was highest average price then it dropped below $34 USD. since, last few week it following neutral trend and expected bullish run in rest of 2020 year.


How Much Tellor Can Worth in 2030?

Most probably it will worth more than $500 USD.

Is Tellor a Good Investment?

Yes, Long Term HOLD with staking recommended.


Tellor decentralized oracle deploys on two contracts as in that one is storage contract and another contract allow delegate call. Oracle also store and distribute token supply and also send request to miner for value submission. Tellor comes up with built in staking and also hold historically mined readable value. Tellor believe in transparency and security with voting will calculate considering number of tokens HODL by user. Tellor will be the tough competitor for chainlink and Band Protocol. in Future Tellor will introduced Zero Knowledge Proof TLS notary Proof and bring plasma and optimistic implementation.

Tellor Rating