Top 5 Polkadot Based Projects that Could Explode in Future

Polkadot becomes on the most popular Altcoin in year 2021, as it continues registering record breaking surge in price graph. Polkadot flips Cardano and even Tether to acquire 3rd spot on crypto ranking by total market cap. Polkadot has been talked since its launch as its journey started with tag Ethereum Killer and so far, project has proved that it is here to stay. as of now, Polka climbing on crypto ranking is counted in one of the fastest ever reported in Crypto market history. some of you might be familiar with Polkadot developer connection with Ethereum development team, as former Ethereum developer involved in Polakdot development.

Polkadot know as internet for Blockchain, as it simply enables parachain that help Blockchain projects to connect each other. however, network simplifies problem by enabling blockchain work together with interoperability. In recent times Decentralized Finance (DeFi) & Decentralized exchange (DEX) had significantly gaining huge market volume, as most of ERC20 based token has consistently losing investor due scalability issues.

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Polkadot providing integrated chain so network can have multiple option while choosing side network. now, we developer can wait for Ethereum 2.0 because it cost early development opportunity, so Polkadot likely to consider has replacement. We already have popular Polkadot projects like Kusama, Ocean Protocol, Energy Web Token,Akropolis and this are already provided average 50x returns So, looking at future of technology we have some project that can give highest return of Investment (ROI) in future.

Top 5 Polkadot Projects to Watch

  1. PolkaStarter: it is home of IDO’s that means Initial DEX offering project. in the main feature project help to raise capital for Polka based projects in the decentralized, permission-less environment. Platform has raise more than 5 project as of writing and all project raised by almost $1 million in market cap. Polkastarter follow basic steps before going into IDO listing, as user need to perform specific task to be whitelisted for IDO. Once user confirm participation in whitelist then project will randomly be announced selected participate via mail, telegram or other social media accounts. In recent top 5 sales report claimed that more 50k user has registered for IDO and it continue increase as per new project. Polkastarter is backed by POLS token which offer multiple benefit for platform user. POLS staker is currently high in demand because of back-to-back listing of new project via IDO, as staker also gets benefit from every project in terms of rewards or lottery. So, just like how we have PancakeSwap for IFO and Uniswap for IEO similar POLS will gets huge response from investor in future.
  2. Acala Network: one the most awaited and highly advanced project build on Polkadot Ecosystem. Acala is in under development more than a year and it is most followed project on twitter, telegram and other social media platform. Acala said to be multi-chain network built for decentralized finance hub. It aims to create decentralized financial network and stablecoin platform that will empower dApps and staking liquidity providers. Acala will be introducing Polka based stablecoin to have alternative for Ethereum based stablecoin such as USDT or other stablecoins. Acala will be bringing stability, liquidity, low transaction fees, faster transaction and security. This stablecoin can be staked on Cross-chain open finance infrastructure and it will feature lending, borrowing and swapping other liquidity providing option. Acala has all good factor to become Polkadot’s based biggest project and could explode in year 2022.
  3. Polkamarkets: it is said to be first ever Decentralized Finance, NFT and Polkadot based Gamified prediction platform. Project as of writing listed on Polkastarter for IDO, as thousand of investor already registered for whitelist in just 2 days of Span. The Project wanted to renovate prediction market, as they believe other platform had problem which result, they not having huge number of user and market volume. founder and team believe existing prediction market is having $1 million or even lower daily volume. as per reports there is lack of expert transparency and duplicate market problem that continue causing downfall in prediction market. so, idea of joining DeFi market by prediction will solve problem with decentralized approach. however, user will use POLK token for staking, liquidity providing and other platform fees including participation in Prediction competition.
  4. Polkadex: Project that provides power trading engine for Web3 and Decentralized Finance network. as it aims to deliver fully decentralized and fully p2p orderbook based asset exchange network for DeFi ecosystem on substrate. Under orderbook technology some key features added that include fast execution login, custom trading bot supported and three-second block time. Polkadex wanted to change approach of front running feature in DEX, as in existing system user gets publicly available orderbook, slipping in order at last moment. it believes that in CEX this main problem mostly occurred, where order list known by owner only as users don’t have information about orderbook. Polkadex introduced feeless transaction following taking away control of order of execution. In proposed network user will experience faster execution time and will provide equality in term of orderbook transaction placing.  
  5. Energy Web: EW utilizes Blockchain technology to eliminate carbon emission by adopting fully customer centric electric ecosystem. the project will allow energy asset holder customer to be enter into energy-based markets. In order to save environment and looking at demand of electric supply platform has developed EW-DOS i.e., Energy Web Decentralized Operating System with over 100+ energy providers. ES-DOS will be provider services including front-end application and developed toolkit with more focus on renewable energy, decentralized identities and distributed energy sources. we know fuel prices hiking that increasing making and transfer cost and coming with project based on blockchain platform will definitely gained huge volume in future. EWT will be utility token that will allow user to complete transaction on the platform, as further token will enable community to deploy application on their own chain. as project goes further in development EWT use continue to surge and that will enough to have price to moon event.
Top 5 Polkadot Projects


Polkadot since 2020 has gained 10x in just 3 month of time interval, as it is noted that many analysts suggest that it can go over $100 USD in few months. Polkadot will settle in top 3 position in market cap based crypto ranking and its project will also sees huge volume growth. In current trends of IDO and ICO “Powered by Polkadot” or “Based on Polkadot” making difference as it gaining more attention from investor. as we have listed Project that has great potential but other projects like Paid Network, Polkaswap, Ocean Protocol, trust wallet, Kylin Network also have same potential. Still out advice is to do your own research (DYOR) and keeping checking fact that project is really based on Polka ecosystem or not, as sometimes user may trapped in scam with catch website and fake social media followers.