Top 5 Reasons Why You Should HODL Cryptocurrency Investment?

Right now in cryptocurrency world things are not going well but some investor who still waiting price on the moon event, as some of them who brought different coin in January or February 2018 currently facing huge loss in investment and some of the people already was already build setup cryptocurrency but still people not able to find what is exact reason behind as many people believe that this cryptocurrency is dead or recovery is not possible soon but trading expert mention this situation with terms “Cryptocurrency Crash” and they still believe one day all coins prices again on the moon and will repeat history just like they did in December 2017 and January 2018.

Top 5 Reasons To HODL Cryptocurrency

  • Price on The moon: many people haven’t heard this term before, as this nothing but good days for cryptocurrency where all coins showing huge percentage of growth which was we experience during beginning of 2018 in which there is consistent growth in price without any downfall for straight more than 2 weeks along with Bitcoin, Ripple and Ethereum other altcoins prices chart on the rise, so all this can happen again very soon as many trade expert who was made prediction that Bitcoin will cross $20k USD mark when Bitcoin price was nearly $6k to $7k USD still believing that Cryptocurrency will make comeback with original form and again there will be huge growth in price till end of the 2018 year.
  • Reconsideration of Trading Banned: as after official banned over trading & mining by China, there are many rumours started spreading i.e. South Korea is also thinking to banning crypto trading but after having official conference by government they said there is no update of this so that news was also fake but this news affect lot for many investors because it causes huge loss in those coins who has number of investor from South Korea, as per report South Korea has 2nd most investor in crypto which was seen in December and January 2018 but sudden drop in investor create huge problem and at end many crypto suffer crash, but now after clearing all fake news they all set to make comeback into by investing and that will again create buzz very soon which will help to grow price again.
  • MainNet :Main network on which all transaction is actually taking place and now days every cryptocurrency founder wanted to change their network into mainnet to improve transaction speed and also it very safe in terms of transaction security and privacy along with this it also help to build trust from investor which gives short period price boost which is enough to get everyone attention because right now in crypto downfall if there is any coin shows 10+% growth rate will get a number of investors and again this will be the key factor price growth in future, as top coins like Tron, Bitcoin, Siacoin and other many more already launched mainnet in which was experience small price growth and along growth in maximum supply which is solved biggest problem of January 2018.
  • Improvement in Technology: as at beginning there was no technology involvement behind every cryptocurrency but now days many new tech-based coins launched and along with they change their product marketing into online marketplace in which for every transaction or any operation related to product will be done using specific currency which keeps transaction up then it create shakeup in market cap value which automatically helps to increase price as well, so after having improvement in technology and interference in market will be the future next innovation, so we could grow in cryptocurrency market.
  • Major Security & Privacy Problem Solved: after trading banned 2nd most popular cause of crypto crash is there huge supply of coins was stolen by hackers and billions worth coins was misplaced and mystery that no one able to find where are they, along with this some of the popular trading platforms also experience hacking issue in which their API was hacked and some of the users account gets hacked and their investment got transferred into different accounts which creating problem for many people resulting in people started losing trust in cryptocurrency and because this market has no legal status so there is no official interference of Police and other authority means once your investment was stolen then you never get it back, but after this many newly launched and top coins takes huge steps by upgrading blockchain security and privacy, so taking care of this factor in future trust will be regained from investor.

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Note: here we just giving information & tips about cryptocurrency, we do not support anyone here out duty is giving suggestion If already into this investment world

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