TronPad Coin Price Prediction 2021, 2022, 2025, 2030, 2050

What is TronPad?

TronPad is Tron network based IDO launchpad similar as BSCPAD for Binance Smart chain network. TronPad will help developers and project team to fund raise or gain liquidity for crypto project. it was started Polkastarter which is Polkadot based IDO launchpad and now we have launchpad for almost every network.

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TronPad is only launchpad that fully backed by Tron blockchain and trusted by Tron founder Justin Sun. Developer of BSCPAD and Tron joined hand to developed this project, as Justin Sun believes that BSCPAD has very experience team and by forming strategic partnership they will reach to new heights. Co-founder of Godzilla also commented on project, as he mentioned that TronPad is first ever native project based on one of biggest blockchain network.

TronPad will aiming to bring transparent and fair whitelisting to fix ongoing rivalry of launchpad of different network. incentives and participation to support upcoming project to increase community and token holder of ecosystem. TronPad will be having two round rules, where both token holder and non-token holder get allocation with rule of first come first serve basis. In tier system there will be two three type that include Earth and moon for lottery system and Mars tier will get guaranteed allocations for every project launched.

TronPad Price Prediction

Month & YearTRONPAD Price Prediction
August 2021$0.06
September 2021$0.10
October 2021$0.12
November 2021$0.12
December 2021$0.14
January 2022$0.19
February 2022$0.21
March 2022$0.32
April 2022$0.37
May 2022$0.43
June 2022$0.40
July 2022$0.50
August 2022$0.54
September 2022$0.60
October 2022$0.48
November 2022$0.57
December 2022$0.68
March 2023$0.61
June 2023$0.65
September 2023$0.73
January 2025$1.50
March 2025$1.37
May 2025$1.47
July 2025$1.30
September 2025$1.50
October 2025$1.55
Decemeber 2025$1.63
January 2030$2.89
March 2030$3.06
May 2030$3.33
July 2030$3.46
September 2030$3.19
December 2030$3.57

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TronPad Overview

Project nameTronPad
Ticker SymbolTRONPAD
Total Supply1,000,000,000
Based onTron IDO Launchpad
Launched year2021
Supported ChainTron Network
Exchange PlatformPancakeSwap

TronPad IDO Overview

Platform usedBSCPAD
Raised by$119250 USD
Date of ICO4th June 2021
ICO Price$0.0015 USD
PartnersBluezilla, Silk Legal

TronPad Coin Price Prediction

TRONPAD token is official native token of TronPad ecosystem is currently live on BEP-20 Token standard and listed on BSC top DEX Pancakeswap. TRONPAD token holder will gets benefit to earn ticket for whitelisting for upcoming project on platform. In the tier system minimum user need to HODL 15k token to earn 1 ticket. most of IDO Launchpad has lower circulating supply, but TronPad coin supply is higher as compare to others and because of that its IDO price was lowest. Token price is already up by 199x, as it was listed at price $0.0018 USD and as of writing it already hits $0.34 all-time high.

TronPad Price Prediction

People who brought at opening listing price earned 187x ROI as it bulls run continues, as last 24-hour volume surpass $50 million mark. Project currently enter into top 300 project list and already beat top Launchpad project by market cap volume.


Will TRONPAD Token hit $1?

Probability of reaching $1 USD is possible probably before year 2022.

Is TronPad a Good Investment?

Launchpad based token holding with possibility of winning atleast 1 ticket is always good investment, as if investor whitelisted and able to buy IDO price then he will get at-least 10x ROI.


Tron blockchain network that offers low-cost transactions and ultimate speed in transaction approval and completion. In recent times DeFi ecosystem evolving and daily we have dozens of projects introduced with new features and better performance. so, TronPad being approved by founder of network itself could be the gamechanger. We know BSCPAD is currently biggest BSC project launchpad and same team working on this project means TronPad will be getting similar response as BSCPAD. Year 2021 is belonging to NFT and launchpads also makes into that list. however, TronPad being first ever Tron launchpad, TronPad will get first preference of most of developer and project owner.

TronPad Rating