VIDT Datalink Price Prediction 2020, 2021, 2025, 2030

What is VIDT Datalink?

World now transforming into digital world and every huge data is transfer and shared through million devices. This daily moving data not fully protected that can be stolen or hacked which can cause many problems to the user. To protecting data V-ID launches unique solution with document certification services using Blockchain technology. Nowadays Blockchain highly demanded for enable privacy and security on the network.

VIDT Datalink aim to offer solution to business and organization to protect their private data to eliminate problem causes while transferring and sharing data. Basically, its data will be stay way from frauds and will not get manipulated, we know there are thousand of apps that can change actual data without any noticeable change. So, V-ID making sure of Data integrity without causing workflow.

V-ID under solution offer some main feature that include Easiest File Protection, Digital fingerprint and low impact. Sorting this feature File protection will verify any file with internet browser within few seconds. Digital fingerprint features authentic file and store that in blockchain, so access will be given after fingerprint testing. V-ID promises to create low impact while protecting your files with VIDT API, where files automatically certified on the network.

VIDT Price Prediction

Month & YearVIDT Price Prediction
November 2020$0.4714
December 2020$0.5492
January 2021$0.5103
February 2021$0.5406
March 2021$0.6271
April 2021$0.6660
May 2021$0.5709
June 2021$0.7222
July 2021$0.7482
August 2021$0.8087
September 2021$0.6747
October 2021$0.8174
November 2021$0.9558
December 2021$1.0033
January 2022$0.9212
February 2022$1.1547
March 2022$1.2671
April 2022$1.4445
May 2022$1.5699
June 2022$1.4574
July 2022$1.6650
August 2022$1.5958
September 2022$1.0033
October 2022$1.0336
November 2022$1.1071
December 2022$1.1893
January 2025$1.2023
March 2025$1.2412
May 2025$3.4122
July 2025$3.3646
October 2025$3.5592
Decemeber 2025$4.0782
January 2030$3.7798
March 2030$5.7259
May 2030$6.1065
July 2030$5.9205
October 2030$6.0460
December 2030$6.5390

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VIDT Datalink Overview

Project nameV-ID, VIDT Datalink
Ticker SymbolVIDT
Total Supply58,501,137
Based onData Privacy
Launched year2018
All-time high$1.22 USD
Exchange PlatformKucoin, Bilaxy, Uniswap V2, Kyber Network, Hoo, Hotbit, Binance DEX, IDEX, Hotbit, Fatbtc.
WalletVIDT Wallet

VIDT ICO Overview

Platform usedOwn token
Raised by$3,400,000 USD
Date of ICO20th December 2018
ICO Price$0.08 USD
PartnersWaves, xFutures, Binance Chain, Morpheus Labs, Fantom, CMS, Airbus, DFa, Dutch Blockchain Coalition, AmSpec, Nyenrode.
VIDT Price Prediction

VIDT Price Analysis

VIDT recently gained investment from top ventures and investment firm, however they already working with top giant companies to provide them Document and data security. V-ID fuel by VIDT Token that very useful for validate any process on the platform. VIDT token is not minable and user need to purchase on trading platform. in April 2019, VIDT Coin available for trading and it was listed on CMC with average worth $0.12 USD. ever since, 2020 it surged from $0.69 USD to $0.21 USD in just 1 month. However, after completing 1-year VIDT continue rise with skyrocket speed from $0.0575 USD $0.97 and expected to reach $1 USD in 2020.


Will VIDT hit $10 USD?

Yes, if they continue gain more user big organization like airbus and that will benefit them in growth in market volume and price.

How much VIDT will be worth in 5 years?

Yes, most expected worth in 5 years will be around $7 USD to $8 USD

How Much VIDT Worth in 2030?

As per our prediction and analysis can be worth $25 USD.

Is VIDT Datalink a Good Investment?

Yes, if you run business or have requirement of sharing digital then HODL VIDT can unlock plenty features.


V-ID already become pioneer in the providing solution for data integrity and solution. Network follow simple protocol first it allows user to add fingerprint above file on the blockchain, so while passing on any device and network it will ask verification for copying and downloading. So, document, photographs, security footage, research file and other data can be protected using VIDT Datalink. However, Project already bags customer like IBM, Airbus, CMS and more, all of this using VIDT technology.

VIDT Rating