0Chain (ZCN) Price Prediction 2021, 2022, 2025, 2030, 2040, 2050

What is 0Chain?

0Chain tis project that one the most defendable and trusted data privacy and protection platform. Main moto behind 0Chain is become pioneer in every data related function that involve privacy, security, performance and transparency. However, 0Chain provide decentralized storages for different developer, companies and enterprise to store document and other data.  project based on its own blockchain known as 0ChainNet that is built with Golang which is faster and more scalable and also permissionless. along with storage platform also enable sharing within individual, employee, groups and more. off-chain and on-chain data storage capability can be more beneficial for blockchain applications and IoT technology.

0Chain was founded by Indian developer Saswata Basu in 2017 and later in 2018 following ICO, it is listed on Trading platform. 0Chain network security uses sybil protection with proof of stake consensus algorithm and also has DDoS projection. For individual security serverless 2FA wallet and multi-signature technology based on Blockchain technology for business and exchanges. Privacy offered by platform is compliance with GDPR and CCPA that are proposed UK And USA.

0Chain has three main product that are 0Stor, 0Box and 0Wallet, moreover 0Star offer data protection and performance, 0Box for private cloud and sharing and 0Wallet is software cold wallet.

0Chain Price Prediction

Month & YearZCN Price Prediction
April 2021$1.08
May 2021$1.28
June 2021$1.43
July 2021$1.52
August 2021$1.63
September 2021$1.21
October 2021$1.43
November 2021$1.58
December 2021$1.87
January 2022$1.90
February 2022$2.08
March 2022$2.22
April 2022$2.15
May 2022$2.51
June 2022$2.29
July 2022$2.55
August 2022$2.36
September 2022$2.52
October 2022$2.38
November 2022$2.58
December 2022$2.43
January 2025$2.55
March 2025$9.83
April 2025$10.25
May 2025$9.97
July 2025$10.32
September 2025$10.40
October 2025$10.25
Decemeber 2025$10.11
January 2030$10.34
February 2030$19.79
March 2030$19.51
April 2030$19.94
May 2030$20.16
July 2030$20.37
September 2030$20.00
October 2030$20.30
December 2030$20.58

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0Chain Overview

Project name0Chain
Ticker SymbolZCN
Total Supply400,000,000
Official website0chain.net
Based onData
Launched year2017
All-time high$1.26 USD
Exchange PlatformUniswap, Bitfinex, IDEX, Bilaxy
WalletOwn Wallet

ZCN ICO Overview

Platform usedOwn
Raised by$39,000,000 USD
Date of ICO16 February 2018
ICO Price$1.4 USD
PartnersBee, Bitclave, BlockCentury, Oracle, Chainlink, AWS, Fetch.ai

ZCN Price Analysis

ZCN is privacy Token of 0Chain Blockchain, as it said to be tied with Data and interest. ZCN value depend on how much data stored in network and number of token store or take on the network. its platform offers staking with ZCN token that allow user to earn interest through program. ZCN terms as Asset back token and also Zero trust Asset on which its value based on mathematics. ZCN can perform super-fast transaction i.e., almost 1 second speed and also scalable with infinite TPS.

0Chain Price Prediction

0chain price graph still looks full of fluctuation, but forgetting about what happen before 2020, it continues to follow bullish trend. at beginning of 2020 ZCN was trading $0.020 USD and now it crossed $1 USD mark with 4900% change in price, as of now we people who purchase ZCN before 2020 definitely in profit. After AWS partnership, 0chain may be integrated with different project and its worth keep increasing.


Will ZCN hit $10 USD?

Probably after 2023.  

How much 0Chain will be worth in 5 years?

Expected to reach $20 USD.

Is 0Chain a Good Investment?

Being one the of old and promising project in Data privacy that may see huge increase in demand.


Two major partnership with Amazon web service and oracle services that definitely elevate project and increase its value in future. however, 0Chain already proved they are very good in privacy and protection of data and in future more user and business can have 0Chain in top priority to use. However, ICO price and today price was not promising at all, as early investor suffer loss but it that was because of 2018 crypto market crash. However, 0Chain project known as easy to adopter in blockchain technology and hopefully it continues improvement as per the current market situation.

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