5 Benefits of Crypto for Gamers

Crypto has introduced new and unexpected features for many niches. First, a new tool for convenient and secure transactions has replenished this business field. But to the surprise of many, crypto has brought many benefits to gaming and the business segment. We have identified 5 main ones from the list that took the gaming experience to a new level.

Honest and Safe Ecosystem

Crypto, or rather blockchain, has opened up new and safer ways of interaction for gamers in all aspects, be it in-game purchases, exchanges and other actions within the game. This provides more opportunities for trading, where players do not have to worry about being cheated. Just like if they want to check bitcoin news, gamers will know what they are paying for and the price.

Purchasing in-game items with real money is a very controversial topic of discussion. The most famous case was the auction in Diablo 3, where players could use real cash, rather than in-game gold, to purchase items. However, with the advent of crypto gaming, the ecosystem has become more secure and accessible for in-game transactions.

The most important thing is that it will be legal from the point of view of the game and will not break the law in general. The number of deceptions and scams will be noticeably less, although even in the blockchain ecosystem, it will never be possible to get rid of them completely.

P2E Potential

Play-to-earn developed most actively thanks to cryptocurrencies and blockchain. Playing your favourite games and having the opportunity to make money from them is the dream of many gamers. Many are sceptical about this because although these are P2E games, the potential in this is still barely noticeable. Although the P2E projects familiar to many AAAs are still far away, the developers and community are not giving up and continue to move forward. 

There are already quite a large number of successful P2E games on the market, for example:

  • Axie Infinity
  • The Sandbox
  • Decentraland
  • Wreck League
  • Lord of Dragons
  • Phantom Galaxies

Each game is developed through investment from gamers, which undoubtedly affects the overall gaming experience.

Increased Control Over Game Development

Any new crypto without investment can quickly fail and become another empty spot on the exchange list. It’s the same with games: developers can release a new crypto platformer that no one needs. The solution is the investment gamers make in developing projects they are interested in. In essence, it’s like Kickstarter, but thanks to the security and fundamentals of interaction in the blockchain system, gamers can be confident that their investments will be directed correctly and will not be scammed. It’s quite a sensitive topic for discussion, but still.

Gamers invest crypto in the game and can take an indirect part in its development. As a result, the studio (or development team) receives income from the game, and gamers who got what they paid for enjoy the gameplay.

Interoperability and Multiverses

The blockchain universe is essentially limitless; you can put anything into it if there are enough resources to process all the data. This makes it possible to improve business productivity by implementing global projects and allows gamers from different metaverses to interact with each other. This will allow users to gain access to various games and items, buy items, take part in various events and promotions, and all this without changing accounts.

It sounds remarkable and ambitious, but implementing such a mix of universes is quite tricky. A successful example was demonstrated by the above-mentioned Blizzard company, which released Heroes of the Storm long ago, where they mixed characters from different worlds into one. But then, these were just characters, but now we are talking about living people. Overall, there is potential, and gamers will be delighted with it.

Future Proof Technology

Crypto is the future of technology, and Satoshi Nakamoto knew about it like no one else. If before this crypto tried to adapt to technology, now modern technologies, including games, are trying to be compatible with cryptocurrencies and blockchain. Thanks to this, developers continue innovating gaming by adding a crypto aspect without sacrificing gameplay. As a result, new gaming opportunities and benefits emerge for players, developers and the video game industry.

Being a common technology for secure transactions, crypto has reached a mega level, which is quite difficult to achieve in such a short period of time since its launch.

Crypto for Gamers: Pros and Cons

Like everything, crypto has pros and cons, especially for the gaming niche.


  • Secured Environment;
  • P2E (Earning) Opportunities;
  • Development of Metaverses;
  • High Player Engagement.


  • Technical Accessibility;
  • Risk of Low-Quality Games;
  • Many Announcements, few Releases;

The main disadvantage of crypto gaming is its difficult technical and knowledge accessibility. If, from the technical side, all you need is to update or improve your PC, then from the point of view of understanding crypto, it may take a lot of time to study what it is and why. But in any case, gamers have received and are receiving much more benefits from crypto than anyone else.