Acria Network (ACRIA) Coin Price Prediction 2021, 2022, 2025, 2030

What is Acria Network?

In the world of Decentralized finance that growing with off-chain data, here we have new project based on oracle node solution. Acria Network expected to launch main network very soon as it will bring off-chain data more accessible for different blockchain. as this project already gained more popularity for being part of Polkadot. The project offers cross-chain functionality and real word data with the help of polkadot and Ethereum Blockchain.

Acria network address issue of development of smart contracts that’s lacking off-chain data because of limitation of blockchain. however, with new oracle node solution any blockchain communicate with other blockchain i.e., cross-chain communication. platform aiming to bring ease in use, extensibility, scalability, trust and decentralized finance.

Under different option end-user program optimized and easy to use means everyone will not find any difficulty while using it. while handling transaction network keeps latency very low and will have higher throughput. As easy implementation will allow user to bring real world data into blockchain. in order to provide better security network only allow owner of data to operate their oracle nodes, as while staking any crypto asset can be staked. In the DeFi space, Acria will fuel DeFi projects with real world data. as per official portal project CEO Dominik Ernst a German developer who started development in 2020.

Acria Network Price Prediction

Month & YearACRIA Price Prediction
August 2021$0.2505
September 2021$0.4650
October 2021$0.5250
November 2021$0.5640
December 2021$0.6450
January 2022$0.8670
February 2022$0.9345
March 2022$1.4250
April 2022$1.6800
May 2022$1.9650
June 2022$1.8300
July 2022$2.2800
August 2022$2.4450
September 2022$2.7300
October 2022$2.1750
November 2022$2.5950
December 2022$3.0750
March 2023$2.7450
June 2023$2.9250
September 2023$3.3000
January 2025$6.7650
March 2025$6.1800
May 2025$6.6300
July 2025$5.8650
September 2025$6.7950
October 2025$7.0200
Decemeber 2025$7.3800
January 2030$13.0800
March 2030$13.8600
May 2030$15.0600
July 2030$15.6300
September 2030$14.4300
December 2030$16.1250
DepositTotal no. of Token Received
$200 USD via Bitcoin from Binance @ price: $0.075 USD2442 ACRIA
250 Euro Via Wire Transfer From UK Bank @ price $0.075 USD3222 ACRIA

As of now Acria Token available for pre-sale on their own platform and wallet. ACRIA Token will be fuel ecosystem along with option of staking and increase trustworthy of any data that store on network. Acria as of writing available at price $0.075 USD i.e., discounted price, as original price is $0.15 USD means instant 2x return. minimum investment is $200 USD via wire transfer or in Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum. As we investment $200 USD in which network charges $16.8 USD transaction fees. we receive 2442 Acria Token at $184 USD price and considering $0.15 USD price investment will double means $368 USD total investment.

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Acria Network Overview

Project nameAcria Network
Ticker SymbolAcria Token
Total SupplyNA
Based onCross-chain Defi
Launched year2020
All-time highNA
Exchange PlatformNA
WalletOwn Wallet

Acria ICO Overview

Platform usedOwn
Raised by NA
Date of ICONA
ICO Price$0.15 USD

Acria Coin Price Analysis

we don’t have enough information on when project will launch mainnet and when Token will be listed on trading platform. as mentioned on official portal we could said it has potential to gain huge early investor that help to reach million worth in market cap that can pull out higher price after it listed on trading platform.

Acria Network


Will Acria Network hit $1?

Expected after within few hours after listing.

Is Acria Token a Good Investment?

Yes, project looks strong on whitepaper and polkadot integration will be the plus factor.


Considering the bullish trend, DeFi trend and Oracle success Acria Token has potential to surged at least 10x. as Acria network project just launched their website along with published whitepaper, as following that social media account also created. As on twitter official account they posted that they are working to launch project as soon as possible, as development was started in 2020 and in 2021 will the year when project will be fully working state. As we know project is real or not, as there was no official listing on ICO listing platform like icodrops and as some of crypto trader already posted preview video and in comment section people already brought some token. we still suggest you do proper research or just trust the project and buy some Acria token.

Acria Network Rating