Voyager Token (VGX) Price Prediction 2021, 2022, 2025, 2030, 2050

What is Voyager Token?

Voyager Token is rebranded from Ethos Token with one aim of giving best broker to crypto industry. Voyager platform become official partner with Ethos that will help community and companies work together. Voyager is in the one of the biggest crypto brokerages that gives easy, user friendly experience to user. the project currently brokerage more than 50 Crypto token and also it connecting market maker to the liquidity providers. With Voyager official app user can trade top crypto with best ever and accurate prices.

Voyager address three main issue that include lack of liquidity, higher fees and bad user experience. as teaming with Ethos help new token to gained trust, as CEO of Voyager had great experience in trading. Stephen Ehrlich was started their financial services back in 1990 and later they launched stock exchange platform name E*Trade.

In order to solve existing problem in liquidity Voyager has introduced new dynamic smart order router and custody solution, as this will ensure safety and custody of user investment. the platform has built very easy understandable wallet, trading and other crypto services, so new user quickly trade without any difficulty.

Voyager Token Price Prediction

Month & YearVGX Price Prediction
April 2021$11.66
May 2021$13.89
June 2021$15.50
July 2021$16.41
August 2021$17.66
September 2021$13.13
October 2021$15.50
November 2021$17.04
December 2021$20.18
January 2022$20.60
February 2022$22.48
March 2022$24.02
April 2022$23.25
May 2022$27.09
June 2022$24.78
July 2022$27.58
August 2022$25.55
September 2022$27.23
October 2022$25.69
November 2022$27.86
December 2022$26.32
January 2025$27.58
March 2025$106.26
April 2025$110.87
May 2025$107.80
July 2025$111.64
September 2025$112.47
October 2025$110.87
Decemeber 2025$109.33
January 2030$111.85
February 2030$213.99
March 2030$210.99
April 2030$215.59
May 2030$217.97
July 2030$220.27
September 2030$216.29
October 2030$219.50
December 2030$222.58

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Voyager Token Overview

Project nameVoyager Token
Ticker SymbolVGX
Total Supply222,295,209
Based onCrypto brokerage
Launched year2017
All-time high$12.47 USD
Exchange PlatformBinance, Uniswap, Atomars, HitBTC,
WalletEthos Wallet

VGX Price Analysis

VGX is native broker token that plays important role of providing value to the Voyager ecosystem. however, platform offer different benefit for holding VGX Token in the form of staking, as they provide rewards. VGX token holder can have fee saving and instant transaction facilities and also gets discount on trading fees. Voyager also offer interest bearing account so user can earn interest without need of crypto lockup. So, all operation and rewards will be distributed with VGX token and it continue to fluctuate prices of Voyager token.

Voyager Token Price Prediction

After rebranding Ethos token become VGX as it was listed back in 2017 with price $0.042 USD and in trendsetter year of crypto i.e. 2018, VGX hits $12.47 USD. as if we consider last 1 year performance, where it followed steady path $0.17 USD and later since 2021 it surged from $0.16 to $1.31 USD i.e., almost 700% hiked in just 15 day.


Will VGX hit $10?

Expected after 2023.

Is Voyager Token a Good Investment?

Probably more profitable for long term investment.


In recent year Voyager followed mixed trend as in 2021 it continues to gained market cap volume and as followed by bullish trend of crypto market it back in top 100 crypto project. Voyager has 30 year of experience in trading and they perform governance team in order to provide better crypto trading for everyone. Voyager recently adding new product such as credit cards, loans, wallet integration for user. as more crypto token gets added then more investor will joined the platform and staked Token.

Voyager Token Rating