Huobi Token (HT) Price Prediction 2020, 2021, 2025, 2030 Forecast

Huobi Token is similar to Binance’s BNB Coin in which it was launched by the Huobi Exchange trading portal and using Huobi Token you can purchase any listed cryptocurrency, as Huobi listed more than 100+ coin on their platform and also offers rewards by distributing HT Coin.

Since April 2020 Huobi Token is performing well at price growth along with Chainlink and Bitcoin SV, as this cryptocurrency already beat NEO, IOTA and NEM in market cap valuation and the possibility of having higher number transaction with network due to Huobi trading and there are rapid price fluctuation was seen since its launch.

Huobi Token Price Prediction

Huobi  Token was launched in February 2018 and most of the crypto those launched in 2018 after crypto on the moon phase is currently dropped below its launching price, but Huobi token having ROI Over 150% and expected to go up till the end of 2020, as currently cryptocurrency world shaking with good fluctuation due to coronavirus as considering halving of Bitcoin is happening in 1 to 2 month Bitcoin is already trading above $7k USD, so there will number growth in number transaction in an upcoming month, as an official account of Huobi already hyped for Halving and they also looking increase transaction of Huobi Token which can help to go up following Bitcoin and there is a huge expectation that till May 2020 it will cross $4 USD mark or even it crossed $5 USD mark repeating February 2020 growth rate.

Month & Year Average Price Prediction in USD
May 2020 $3.45 USD
June 2020 $4.60 USD
July 2020 $4.24 USD
August 2020 $5.32 USD
September 2020 $3.42 USD
October 2020 $4.66 USD
November 2020 $3.45 USD
December 2020 $5.60 USD

Note: in December 2020 or January 2021 HT Coin reaches its all-time highest.

Huobi Token Price Prediction 2020

Huobi Token is Singapore based cryptocurrency started in the year 2013 and originated in China which was created by Leon Li former oracle engineer and now has offices in Hong Kong, Korea, Japan, and United States, as during cryptocurrency banned by china Huobi was still in the business as Blockchain consulting company and now company is well established with over $350 Million worth transaction takes place daily and as per Huobi Pro, they will use 20% income to buy Huobi Token in the open market which helps to hike market cap value even investor, not interest to buy, as per google trends this cryptocurrency not gaining many searches as reason is still unknown because of most investor don’t see better future of Huobi because there is no product Is involved in Huobi might be possible reason.

Month & Year Price Prediction in USD
January 2021 5.43 USD
February 2021 $4.01 USD
March 2021 $4.56 USD
April 2021 $4.98 USD
May 2021 $6.102 USD
June 2021 $5.76 USD
July 2021 $5.72 USD
August 2021 $6.289 USD
September 2021 $5.37 USD
October 2021 $5.78 USD
November 2021 $5.86 USD
December 2021 $7.47 USD

Note: The end of the 2021 year will have a good growth rate.

Huobi Token Price Prediction


HT Coin Future Forecast 2025 & 2030

Huobi Pro offered many rewards such as Holding HT in the platform will be rewarded by newly airdrop of a new cryptocurrency, as Huobi is currently 6th largest exchange portal with having a huge number of a registered user, they use their company profit to buy back HT Coin following quarterly pattern, as they already Holding many records in trading, so be on top 50 list Huobi need to be consistent because as daily cryptocurrency is launched similar new trading platform is also launching, as they also providing free wallet and with the help of AI technology they also providing possible outcome or ROI on user investment and also suggesting which cryptocurrency is best for investment.

  • Will Huobi Token Cross $10 USD mark?

Ans: Yes, probably in 2023.

  • How Much Huobi Token worth in 2025?

Ans: Expected price is $22

  • How much HT Coin Wroth in 2030 or 10 years?

Ans: May cross $50 mark.

Houbi Token Wiki

Project Name Huobi
Ticker Symbol HT
Official website
Based on Trading Platform Owned cryptocurrency
Technology ERC-20 Blockchain
Launched date February 2018
Ranking on 17th
Total Supply 500,000,000 HT
Trading Platform BKEX, Biki, Binance JEX, Huobi Global, Lbank, MXC, Bitz

Note: Mentioned Data may changes

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