Best Cryptocurrency to Invest or Buy Before 2021

2020 will be mark as comeback year for cryptocurrency market with different positive factors. year 2020 was began with huge price dropped with different top cryptocurrency, where bitcoin was almost dropped below $4k USD. however, march month was different where Bitcoin has crossed $10k USD and keeping fluctuation with range of $10k to $12k USD. started with compound project Decentralized finance is now biggest breakthrough in blockchain market.

Blockchain with decentralized adoption started getting attention from investor. In decentralized all control will be given to community, as major decision in upgradation and bringing new feature will be driven by community itself. Recently project like Chainlink,0x, Synthetix network DeFi integration also keeps momentum going. in recent time DeFi project based on Ethereum Blockchain facing high gas fees and low transaction speed issue. however, project based on binance chain with 2-layer structure come with solution. Now coming back to point there will be another bullish expected in early 2021, as reason behind this run will be upgradation Ethereum blockchain to 2.0 version. In new upgrade Ethereum can complete more than 2k transaction per second with faster approval time.

Best Cryptocurrency to invest Before 2021

  • Polkadot: project was under construction since last 3 year and after launching mainnet it already defeats key project like Tron, Eos, Stellar in terms of performance and market volume. Polkadot termed as new Ethereum competitor, as project work on 3.0 decentralized web with true interoperability with different asset and blockchain. Polkadot allow transfer of any data across different type of blockchain include private and permissioned blockchain. They also introduced parachains i.e. nothing but heterogeneous blockchain network. however, since end of September 2020, DOT trading at average price of $4.10 USD keeping in that mind try buy at below $4 USD price.
  • Chainlink: Chainlink is now biggest blockchain based oracle service provider in the world. Chainlink providing actual price data and bringing off-chain data to the on-chain data. network already integrated and partner by almost 100+ different blockchain and other project. Chainlink as of writing 5th biggest blockchain project launched in 2018 that almost beat big project and popular project like Stellar, Tron, EOS and other. in 2020, chainlink has adopted Decentralized Finance network and after that it hit all time high price with $20 USD price. so, investing in $LINK will be profitable.
  • Bitcoin: yes, it sounds crazy but following fact of year 2020 then BTC also best for decent ROI. As of writing, Bitcoin just hit year 2020 highest price after crossing $13k USD mark. The fact we can’t denied is Bitcoin is still having highest market volume and to buy many token people still uses pair with BTC. in 2020, Binance, Coinbase reported highest traffic i.e. higher than year 2018. As it also reported that Bitcoin hash rate also hits all time high of 10-year journey. So, after back to back positive news will go in favour bitcoin and crypto market and possibly BTC may hit $20k USD mark.
  • Ethereum: in 2021, Ethereum’s biggest update rolling out under title Ethereum 2.0, as Ethereum shifting their network to proof of stake consensus algorithm and introduced shard chains. This was biggest update of Ethereum as it can solve scalability and security issue. we know many different projects are based on Ethereum Blockchain with popular ERC20 Token integration. However, yield farming is one of the most popular investing plans offered in blockchain market, as most of user need to buy ETH or stake ETH to receive awards. But due to huge demand of ETH problem like higher gas fees and low transaction speed. so, new update with higher number of transaction and low gas fees will bring more users to buy ETH. Since, march 2020 ETH continues its bullish run and very close to hit $500 USD.
  • Uniswap: Decentralized Exchange protocol that allow swap, trade, LP with different ERC20 based token on Ethereum Blockchain. Uniswap recently introduced their own UNI Token that available for trading and also used to distribute as rewards. Uniswap after open for trading it collected million worth market volume and most of old user get airdrop. UNI token already hit $8.44 USD all time high price and after it dropped below $3 USD enter into perfect to buy position. Uniswap in 2020 generate volume more than Coinbase as per last two-month report.
  • Near Protocol: Near project that involve key member and developer of Ethereum main network. Near that going to innovate building of decentralized application with mainstream adoption in Dapps. however, more than 3 thousand dapps recently build on blockchain and considering demand popularity near will be the biggest and best platform in future. Near claim to has faster platform for builder that reach to the market. Near already listed on big trading platform like Binance, Coinbase and expected more platform will open trading soon.
Best Cryptocurrency to Invest or Buy Before 2021

Above we suggest top and safe project to invest but we still suggest you to choose one project and do research on your own level. As we also mentioned reason why above project can give you maximum return on investment. in the wave of DeFi project there are few scams reported, as risk also increases because new trader not having enough knowledge about yield farming, staking. we still suggest do not invest by looking at number because those increasing number can fall anytime. However, some of this defi project don’t have proper paper work and they may stole your fund, as one project already created this scenario.