Near Protocol Coin Price Prediction | How to Buy Near Token Crypto?

The new Ethereum killer enter into market with name Near Protocol. Recent token sale was closed few days back by raising $21.6 million. following the second token sale Near protocol has launched mainnet successfully. Near is founded by the almost same of Solana cryptocurrency, and this project was launched few week ago. The near Protocol already gaining attention from top investor as they already backed by Andreessen Horowitz i.e. a16Z. this company already invested funds over $515 million worth.

Team behind Near protocol launched 3 projects on blockchain and some of them was working in google. Near Project already backed by more than 23 investors, which include Blockchange, Pantera, Coinbase, Metastable. Token sale 3 will be begin soon in July 2020 as per the roadmap and after that trading will be starts.

Near Protocol

Near Protocol uses sharding and Proof of Stake backed by novel consensus mechanism termed as Nightshade. Ethereum 2.0 concept is also similar, but they are going to provide freedom to creation of dApp and Blockchain and those who don’t have knowledge of Blockchain engineering. Near gets appreciation from founder of Ethereum i.e. Vitalik Buterin, he stated Near will be the big challenger for Ethereum in future. Team already confirmed the Scalability is not the one where they focused. The recent launch event they discuss about plans and project, where their main goal to have high performance blockchain that can make decentralized development easier. So overall it takes more than 2 years of development to launch project and after seeing this response, the project accomplished 50% of target with mainnet.

Near Protocol Price Prediction

Mainnet already produced million of blocks and executed successfully. The project already rewarded themselves the best thing going in blockchain industry and they claimed to become backbone to final stage of Blockchain. The Bitcoin has created digital currency and Near write the last chapter of evolution that’s strong words from community. The prediction for Near Protocol hard to mention because there is no record found of token sale. Token sale is not available for public offering, the only top companies can be part of that sale, the ICO or Airdrop expected to happening soon. As per official website token will be launching soon and they already provide sign in option for getting update after it launch and they also warned to stay away from false or fraud token sales.

Launching of Near will follow two phases including Below the Surface where Blockchain layer will provide metal networking. Virtual machine and data storage. The Mainnet restricted will be going to happen in Phase 1, which is schedule on June to August 2020. Open mainnet will be followed after 4 weeks of completing phase 1 and then at last may be October 2020 Near network will officially starts.

Near Protocol

In short note Near protocol bringing lots of organization together. The Near protocol will be open web where most of developer can use Near Blockchain and smart-contract to create low cost decentralized apps. So, they basically not depend on any chain, or ERC20 Token or any specific blockchain. They have launched their own system depend on layer 1 protocol which power independently and the base of open web. In simple word we can called it base layer blockchain works similar like Ethereum, Tron or EOS project. The project will not be controlled by founder or team, but it will run by millions of people or we can called it could operating.

Immediately after launching mainnet with producing 1.5 million blocks and now they have launched 4 Near Apps at consensus distributed.

  • 1inch Exchange: a decentralized exchange platform, it will provide fast and low-cost transaction with helping to find best prices on the market.
  • Tessab: it will eliminated middle person from the secondary market of mobile devices, with keeping tracks on provenance, financial transactions and on device app storage.
  • Stardust: its wrestler name from wwe, jokes apart this platform specially build for game developers, where near give them UX tools and help to increase revenue and improve player playing experience.
  • Flux: created by Peter Mitchell. It will help to give better live experience to Twitch Streamer, where near gives them performance and user usability.

How to Buy Near Protocol Token

Near Blockchain not yet launched any Token so those who wanted early update just follow below instruction.

Step1: visit

Step 2: go to Sign up tab.

Step 3: answer some question and enter your email address.

Note: you must be citizen of US,

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