Bidao Price Prediction 2020, 2021, 2025 | BID Coin ICO Future Forecast

What is Bidao?

Bidao is an upcoming cryptocurrency based on a trustless stable coin and financed focused platform backed by a decentralized application running on Binance chain. as of writing, Bidao is currently hosted initial Coin Offering i.e. ICO and providing benifits to users, as participant in ICO will get the advantage of becoming BID power stacker and will get staking power. Staking power will be major in percentage which ranging from 3% to #30%, so early bird will get maximum staking reward percentage. Over 450+ million USD worth is locked in Defi Applications and breaking down this stats further it divided into 4+ Billion USD in circulating as stable-coin and market cap value nearly equal to 8 billion USD.

PartnersTron, Chainlink, Ontology, Tellor, Binance, Qtum
Payment OptionBTC, ETH, LTC, XMR, XRP, Wire Transfer

The founder of Bidao is Bastian Aigner who is the 3-time winner of Apple WWDC Student Scholarship and Brian condenanza working as CTO who was in the list of 2018’s top 100 young Entrepreneurs in the world, so with a strong team who strongly believe Binance chain is future, also claim that it has higher transaction rate per second with huge userbase along with other Binance coins can be integrated, as Binance officially approved this project on their social media account.

Bidao Price remain same till its mainnet launch, right now platform only offers Staking with 30% return with minimum purchase of $150 USD BID Token. so below prediction will be same.

Bidao Pirce Prediction

As per the official website i.e. staking power is 30%, which means annual will be 30% on your investment but if you buy token after ICO then it will be dropped to onl 3%, so basically this stragerty working to getting user who investing into ICO and this BID ICO status will go out of stock because approximately around 15% supply is left and now talking about price prediction, when you press to get the token button you will get currency in which you want the exchange to BID token in which you have options i.e. Bitcoin, Etheruem, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Monero and at last USD exhange so for the standard exchange value of 1 BID in USD is $0.01 USD and minimum BID token user has to purchased is 15000 BID which costing 150$ and now as per the coincheckup ico report they have given a rating of 66% in average in which they also mentioned ending date of ICO i.e. 30 November 2020, so the following BID will get indexed on in November 2020 with a price of $0.01 USD then it starts fluctuating so considering this we will set below the prediction.

Month & YearAverage Price Prediction in USD
July 2020$0.01 USD
August 2020$0.01 USD
September 2020$0.01 USD
October 2020$0.01 USD
November 2020$0.01 USD
December 2020$0.02 USD

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Bidao Price Prediction 2020

In 2020 till November month BID schedule ICO which means the price will remain same or they may increase its price as per popularity, as their ICO filling faster than expected due rewards and gifts offering and trust of Binance really helping them, as they also promised that working similarly as MakerDao who is doing exceptional in price graph with huge fluctuation, as they also claimed we still improved in some feature on MakerDao to complete their promise of being one of the stable-coin in the market, as concept-wise this cryptocurrency will be getting really huge number of an investor in future.

Bidao Price Prediction

BID Price Prediction 2021

BID is the ticker symbol of Bidao which really looks good and suitable for cryptocurrency, as the 2021 year will be really important for Bidao as somehow they manage to get pricing above $0.02 to $0.03 USD then they can able create magic in which starting year by crossing $0.04 USD and maintaining ICO hyped even this cryptocurrency will reach to its first milestone $0.1 USD.

BiDao Wiki

Cryptocurrency NameBidao
SymbolBID Coin
TechnologyBinance Chain
ICO Started on6th September 2019
InformationFinance Based Cryptocurrency
ICO Price$0.01 USD

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