Blank Wallet Token Price Prediction 2021, 2022, 2025, 2030, 2050

What is Blank Wallet?

Privacy is one of the most key factors of Blockchain technology and it keeps on improving with decentralized Finance. as we know 2020 year has gained huge market volume share and it keeps going upwards. In wave of DeFi most of transaction are based on Ethereum blockchain and in that Eth wallet like metamask is mainstream medium.

Blank Wallet said to be more private and non-custodial Ethereum browser wallet. it performs basic task like traditional Ethereum wallet including sending, receive and storing ERC20 standard token. Blank help user to regain privacy on every transaction of Ethereum wallet, as project team believes while transaction users IP, wallet address and other details gets public. In order to encounter or hide transaction data by mixing it with pool of funds within blank that ensure transfer remain anonymous.

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Blank uses smart contract that help user to hide account balance and their holding with following decentralization and frictionless mechanism. Blank will use random activity where new wallet address created when new transaction requested by user. however, mixing pool is not new strategy because it was originally executed by zkSnarks proofs with automatic and audited smart contract. However, user interference will be same as traditional ETH wallet and where user can withdraw and add balance ERC20 Token.

Blank Token Price Prediction

Month & YearBLANK Price Prediction
May 2021$3.5861
June 2021$6.6568
July 2021$7.5157
August 2021$8.0740
September 2021$9.2336
October 2021$12.4116
November 2021$13.3780
December 2021$20.3998
January 2022$24.0503
February 2022$28.1302
March 2022$26.1976
April 2022$32.6396
May 2022$35.0017
June 2022$39.0817
July 2022$31.1365
August 2022$37.1491
September 2022$44.0206
October 2022$39.2964
November 2022$41.8732
December 2022$47.2416
January 2025$96.8452
March 2025$88.4706
May 2025$94.9126
July 2025$83.9612
September 2025$97.2747
October 2025$100.4957
Decemeber 2025$105.6493
January 2030$187.2484
March 2030$198.4146
May 2030$215.5934
July 2030$223.7533
September 2030$206.5745
December 2030$230.8395

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Blank Wallet Overview

Project nameBlank Wallet
Ticker SymbolBLANK
Total Supply125,000,000
Based onWallet
Launched year2020
All-time high$2.10 USD
Exchange PlatformUniswap
WalletOwn Wallet

Blank IDO Overview

Platform usedPolkastarter
Raised byNA
Date of IDO5th march 2021
IDO Price$0.064
Partners & investorMagnus Capital, x21 digital, spark digital capital, Woodstock, GBV capital,

Blank Token Price Analysis

Blank Wallet Token i.e., BLANK is utility token that backed by community and team of project. Blank Token chooses IDO token public sale via Polkastarter platform. Blank crosses 1k token holder within 1 days, as it will continue to grow after successful listing on Uniswap. Blank distributed in IDO at price $0.064 USD and sale stopped after raising by $120k USD. Blank Token holder gets multiple benefit that include fee reduction on transaction. 1/3 gas fees will be distributed within user where user to need to provide Liquidity. platform introduced feature in that access-first will get opportunity to access beta version and new features. Referral program also important that rewards user for bringing new user on the platform.

Blank Wallet Price Prediction


How much Blank token worth in 2025?

With bullish run it could reach $12 USD.

Is Blank token a Good Investment?

Yes, long term HODL specially DEX trader and ERC20 token holder.


Future of Wallet is here and going as per tradition but focusing on privacy and anonymous environment Blank Wallet have advantages. It simply hides IP address, changes wallet address, hide balance with help of decentralized smart contract execution. However, technology that used by platform was previously performed by various developer. Blank as name suggest it show blank balance to attacker and hacker, as only user knows about exact balance and address, they using. In future demand of Blank will increase and BLANK Token holder will increase and price also keep pumping.

Blank Token Rating