BTCST (Bitcoin Standard Hashrate Token) Coin Price Prediction 2021, 2030

What is BTCST?

BTCST is official 15th Binance Launchpad project that aim to bringing exchange grade liquidity into Bitcoin mining. We know Bitcoin mining reaches to most of difficult level and BTC reward also reduced as its price growing. Bitcoin Standard hashrate token will be collateralized by bitcoin hashrate on the Binance smart chain platform. BTCST whitepaper was posted on 11 November 2020 and mainet launched in year 2021. Project also focusing on limited exist option problem and introducing new feature in liquidity in bitcoin mining.

BTCST is ticker symbol project that also uses BEP-20 protocol of Binance blockchain, as this token collateralized by 0.1 total hashrate per second on real mining. However, BTCST expected to have efficiency in mining with 60 watts per hashrate.

In short, hashrate tokenization and standardization is reality because of BTCST that will benefit miners and traders. Trader with BTCST token trading can make in or out in Bitcoin mining as per their convenience and spending lesser money. The project mostly benefits miners without need of mining power and same token can also used as hedge against risk of mining instrument cost ups and down.

BTCST Price Prediction

Month & YearBTCST Price Prediction
February 2021$111.07
March 2021$163.68
April 2021$208.25
May 2021$244.06
June 2021$252.09
July 2021$279.13
August 2021$259.40
September 2021$301.05
October 2021$312.01
November 2021$291.55
December 2021$333.20
January 2022$356.58
February 2022$380.70
March 2022$359.51
April 2022$393.12
May 2022$406.27
June 2022$374.12
July 2022$430.38
August 2022$449.38
September 2022$464.73
October 2022$437.69
November 2022$463.27
December 2022$487.38
January 2025$503.46
March 2025$543.64
April 2025$507.84
May 2025$536.34
July 2025$569.95
September 2025$593.33
October 2025$868.81
Decemeber 2025$860.77
January 2030$893.65
March 2030$981.34
May 2030$1,442.41
July 2030$1,470.18
September 2030$1,438.76
October 2030$1,459.95
December 2030$1,543.25

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BTCST Overview

Project nameBitcoin Standard Hashrate Token
Ticker SymbolBTCST
Total Supply1,000,000
Based onBitcoin mining
Launched year2020
All-time highNA
Exchange PlatformBinance
WalletOwn wallet

BTCST Price Analysis

BTCST listed on 13th January 2021 on Binance and as per the graph it trading open at price $8 USD and reaches to $89 USD i.e., almost more than 10 times surged in price. BTCST currently distributed as reward on Binance trading platform in return of staking BNB, BUSD token. reward distribution will be depending on amount user staked in Binance staking pool. however, BTCST prices can go both ways, as of now it expected to available on other trading platform to have multiple country access.

BCTST Price Prediction


Will BTCST Reach $1000 USD?

Expected after year 2025.

Is BTCST a good Investment?

it has great potential to be honest and Bitcoin price growth will make impact on BTCST.


The project team is highly experience in Bitcoin mining, as they form partnership with mining pool and Binance pool that will address project problem. Founded team will decide development, token release, reward distribution and more. project recently launched standard hashrate dApp and become partner with power 360. In future BTCST significantly provide more benefit to traders and miners too.  

BTCST Rating