Origintrail (TRAC) Price Prediction 2020, 2021, 2025, 2030

What is Origintrail?

The project simplifies the idea of connecting supply chain to let them work together with Blockchain innovation. Origintrail wanted to create protocol based on Supply chain that allow different organization and companies to data sharing with decentralized network via blockchain. Project understand potential of supply chain and decentralized trust in future and targeting main problem including data integrity in supply chain, limit on exchange and high maintenance cost and low speed transaction.

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Origintrail in the business since 2011, where they begin with organic beef supply chain and later, they also integrate with other project like dairy, vegetable, poultry and other. in 2018, Origintrail launched their decentralized network and that time they also enter into top 10 blockchain project on Github. In 2019, Origintrail announces their key project i.e. nOS Network operating system for business that create bridge between their protocol with legacy and other existing blockchain ecosystem.

Origintrail uses tokenisation for operation of data exchange and supply chain processing functions and for this they use trace token. This trace token aka TRAC in shortcode taking care of transaction between data consumers and supply chain producers. TRAC token also help to maintain p2p network resources like time, computing power, communication bandwidth, storage, electricity and more.

Origintrail Price Prediction

Month & YearTRAC Price Prediction
August 2021$0.3706
September 2021$0.6879
October 2021$0.7766
November 2021$0.8343
December 2021$0.9541
January 2022$1.2825
February 2022$1.3824
March 2022$2.1080
April 2022$2.4852
May 2022$2.9068
June 2022$2.7071
July 2022$3.3728
August 2022$3.6168
September 2022$4.0384
October 2022$3.2174
November 2022$3.8387
December 2022$4.5488
March 2023$4.0606
June 2023$4.3269
September 2023$4.8816
January 2025$10.0073
March 2025$9.1420
May 2025$9.8076
July 2025$8.6760
September 2025$10.0517
October 2025$10.3846
Decemeber 2025$10.9171
January 2030$19.3490
March 2030$20.5028
May 2030$22.2780
July 2030$23.1212
September 2030$21.3460
December 2030$23.8534

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Origintrail Overview

Project nameOrigintrail
Ticker SymbolTRAC or Trace token
Total Supply500,000,000
Official websiteOrigintrail.io
Based onSupply Chain Blockchain
Launched year2018
All-time high$0.47 USD
Exchange PlatformBittex, Kucoin, uniswap v2, HitBTC, IDEX, Balancer, Nash exchange.
WalletOwn wallet

TRAC ICO Overview

Platform usedERC-20
Raised by$21,510,000 USD
Date of ICO17 January 2018
ICO Price$0.1 USD
PartnersOracle, BSI,
Origintrail Price Prediction

Origintrail Price Analysis

The price depended on the demand of users i.e. consumer and supply chain provider on the ecosystem. after announcement of nOS Origintrail sees huge growth in new supply chain companies looking for integration with different companies to merge their business. So, as we mentioned above TRAC takes every department of transaction of the ecosystem, so demand ultimately help for growth market cap volume and price too. Since, end of April 2020 TRAC following bullish trend, as after expiring small dropped it finally reaches to $0.28 USD from $0.0069 USD. so, calculate price change in month is around 3957% ~ 4000%.


Will TRAC hit $10 USD?

Yes, depend on supply chain market and it continue to grow then $10 USD possible in next 4 to 5 years.

How much TRAC will be worth in 5 years?

Possibly worth more than $3 USD

How Much TRAC Worth in 2030?

Expected to trade at worth $8 USD

Is Origintrail a Good Investment?

Yes, but keep observing the TRAC circulating supply before you invest.


Origintrail project backed by three most experience and all of those working on project since 2011 and so, officially they have completed 9 years in business. Supply chain is always key function for every business and users too, so blockchain integration backed by oracle and operating system definitely makes sense. Origintrail very close to surpass it previous all-time best and currently very few crypto projects having similar stats.

Origintrail Rating