Cocos-BCX (Cocos) Coin Price Prediction 2021, 2022, 2025, 2030, 2050

What is Cocos-BCX?

The platform that aims to provide support to the gaming industry with blockchain technology. Cocos-BCX known as development and operating infrastructure for different decentralized crypto asset and gaming applications. Cocos said to be next biggest gaming crypto based digital economy that will help different project to be implement on blockchain technology. Cocos has different approach that simplifies gaming experience and giving full control of asset to the users.

In full form project name stands for cocos Blockchain Expedition that can be integrated with different platform for running games. platform also offers convenient and complete solution to developers to build better games with blockchain. in order to boost performance of application network uses improved graphene technology framework. However, dApps will be based on functional component and data driven from IDE.

Platform introduced game engine feature under which developer can program, test, debug and release blockchain backed games. as, in development zone firstly project address problem in game development, as official believes blockchain can solve problem in graphical ways. as being developer friendly it also allows assetize that means it will simply create opportunity to earn from content that being developed.

Cocos-BCX Price Prediction

Month & YearCOCOS Price Prediction
April 2021$1.1828
May 2021$1.4095
June 2021$1.5724
July 2021$1.6644
August 2021$1.7919
September 2021$1.3315
October 2021$1.5724
November 2021$1.7282
December 2021$2.0469
January 2022$2.0894
February 2022$2.2806
March 2022$2.4364
April 2022$2.3585
May 2022$2.7481
June 2022$2.5143
July 2022$2.7977
August 2022$2.5923
September 2022$2.7622
October 2022$2.6064
November 2022$2.8260
December 2022$2.6702
January 2025$2.7977
March 2025$10.7798
April 2025$11.2473
May 2025$10.9356
July 2025$11.3252
September 2025$11.4102
October 2025$11.2473
Decemeber 2025$11.0915
January 2030$11.3464
February 2030$21.7084
March 2030$21.4038
April 2030$21.8713
May 2030$22.1121
July 2030$22.3458
September 2030$21.9421
October 2030$22.2679
December 2030$22.5796

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Cocos-BCX Overview

Project nameCocos-BCX
Ticker SymbolCocos Token
Total Supply100,000,000,000
Based onBlockchain Gaming
Launched year2018
All-time high$0.0024 USD
Exchange PlatformBinance, Hotbit, Hoo, HitBTC, MXC, Sistemcoin
WalletOwn Wallet

Cocos Token ICO Overview

Platform usedERC20
Raised by$36,700,000 USD
Date of ICO30th august 2018
ICO Price$0.0023 USD
PartnersLoom, Ontology, HelloEOS, Nebulas, Slow mist, Hash Capital, DFUND, NEO Global Capital, INBlockchain, Free Fund, Ticket Capital, Grand Shares.

Cocos token Price Analysis

Cocos Token said to be gaming token that act as medium of any value exchange on platform. network uses proof of participation and governance system as developers gets rewards for generating blocks and also with proof of stake consensus algorithm user can stake Cocos Token. Token can be use to pay for community resources consumption and exchange. as after bring gets indexed on CMC token gets massive price drop and despite user who invested in ICO face huge loss in investing Cocos. In 2021, Cocos has sees price jump where prices change from $0.00024 USD to $0.00064 USD within two weeks.

Cocos Price Prediction


Will Cocos Token hit $1 USD?

May be after 2027.

Is Cocos-BCX a Good Investment?

The project looks promising as there are few more gaming blockchain project also stand out but consider Cocos for long term investment plan.


Blockchain based gaming has stand out to be one of the best integrations so far, as few projects already reaches to 10+ million market cap volume in short period. As initially in ICO Cocos-BCX got decent start with average ICO performance, as it not able hold price about its ICO Price. Cocos ahead of 2021 planning to reduce token that can bring bullish run and takes project into fresh start. As google trend report suggest people taking interest in Cocos and forgetting what left behind past, in future Cocos-BCX may double number of developer and investor also.

Cocos-BCX Rating