Corona Coin (NCOV) Cryptocurrency Price Prediction, Wiki, ICO Launch Date

Corona Coin

China is suffering lot from Corona Virus as number of Victim infected by Virus is more than 50k and almost more than 1.5k people died because of this virus, as day by day this virus spreading with huge number and after this, there is post on Reddit to claiming there is new cryptocurrency launched whos name is CoronaCoin with ticker symbol NCOV and based on technology ERC-20, as there are plenty of things mentioned on the post, as starting cryptocurrency name they announces total Supply which will be equal to worlds population i.e. 7,604,953,650 NCOV, as initial they mentioned that as more the virus spread the more valuable token.

Corona Cryptocurrency

on their official website i.e. there is World Map in 3D structure where they mentioned number of active infection and also infected country denoted by red Colour and below that they have Token feature in which they come up with interesting point, started with they mentioned that Blockchain will be recording Burning process and then portion of funds will be used to donate to Red Cross for Ncov Relief and also they raising awareness of Corona Virus by arranging Limited Airdrop and following this they are going to launch new Game in Future to Accumulate NCOV to Play, as apart from this information they have mention where Corona can be tracked and official social media handler account where investor can ask questions and at the end they let user enter address of infected person and on submit button they have written spread Corona Coin.

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Corona Coin Price Prediction

for now, Corona is listed on CoinGecko in which date of Established is 18th February 2020 and starting price is $0.00020 with market cap position is above 6000 there is no update on market cap value and no other big portal such as and other listed this cryptocurrency on their portal as well as there is no fixed update about live price, as initial exchange for cryptocurrency is with Ethereum on trading portal I .e.e Saturn Network and Uniswap with hashing algorithm Ethash, as in 24 hours around $25.77 USD traded, so Price Prediction for Corona Coin is really hard to predict but let Corona Coin complete at least 1 month and then we update Prediction table below.

Corona Coin ICO

Corona Coin Initial coin offering not yet announced, as they will make an official announcement of Airdrop on the website.

Corona Coin
Corona Coin

as initially founder wanted to spread awareness about virus and but launching coin at this time may not create that much negative impact because the 2020 year so far is really fantastic and with Corona Virus there is no impact on Bitcoin, Ethereum and another cryptocurrency, so if they manage to get huge number of investor in future and able to make partnership with Medical company who help them to add donation then this project will increase with skyrocket speed.

now talking about CoronaVirus there it created huge impact on Chinese market in which most of the business is in huge loss and most flights got cancel as well as there is huge drop in import and export so both importer and exporter are facing loss, as we know in cryptocurrency market china plays big role because of most of the cryptocurrency are originated from China itself but because this is investment and web-based technology there in big impact on this.

Corona Coin Wiki

Cryptocurrency Name CoronaCoin
Ticker Symbol      NCOV
Platform ERC20 Blockchain
Date of Established      18th February 2020
Total Supply 7,604,953,650 NCOV
Website Corona
Raking By Market Cap  6806
Price$0.00020 USD
Based onCorona Virus Awareness

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