EasyFi (Easy) Coin Price Prediction 2021, 2022, 2025, 2030, 2050

What is EasyFi?

EasyFi aim to become universal Layer 2 (Matic Network) based Lending protocol for crypto asset. The Platform has vision to decrease gap in Decentralized Finance by focusing on plugging integration. We know DeFi project and products are evolve on Ethereum Blockchain but higher demand started creating new problem. in the current situation and ahead launch of Ethereum 2.0 problem like scalability and adoption.

 Layer 2 will easily solve existing system problem, create higher yield farming and build sufficient money market. EasyFi infrastructure will be running on public network that allow lending and borrowing of crypto asset and financial asset. EasyFi uses Proof of Reputation contract which permissionless feature that offer creditworthiness with different opportunity. Layer 2 structure will be having plug and play mode and as per requirement it can choose off-chain or on-chain storage.

EasyFi wanted innovate product so that can separate value apart from trading, so it will be backed by different sources. Microlending will be new option for launching new product that will allow borrowers to small value time bound loans. Network expected to introduced selling proposition that will act as bridge between seller and borrowers.

EasyFi Price Prediction

Month & YearEASY Price Prediction
April 2021$27.37
May 2021$32.61
June 2021$36.38
July 2021$38.51
August 2021$41.46
September 2021$30.81
October 2021$36.38
November 2021$39.99
December 2021$47.36
January 2022$48.35
February 2022$52.77
March 2022$56.38
April 2022$54.58
May 2022$63.59
June 2022$58.18
July 2022$64.74
August 2022$59.98
September 2022$63.92
October 2022$60.31
November 2022$65.39
December 2022$61.79
January 2025$64.74
March 2025$249.44
April 2025$260.26
May 2025$253.05
July 2025$262.06
September 2025$264.03
October 2025$260.26
Decemeber 2025$256.65
January 2030$262.55
February 2030$502.32
March 2030$495.27
April 2030$506.09
May 2030$511.66
July 2030$517.07
September 2030$507.73
October 2030$515.27
December 2030$522.48

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EasyFi Overview

Project nameEasyFi
Ticker SymbolEasy
Total Supply10,000,000
Official websiteEasyfi.network
Based onLayer 2 blockchain
Launched year2020
All-time high$13.30 USD
Exchange PlatformBitmax, Binance, Uniswap, Probit Exchange, Bilaxy
PartnerBlockpass, Chainlink, BoringDAO,

Easy Coin Price Analysis

Easy is utility token of EasyFi network that can use in key function like governance, protocol incentivization, staking rewards, cross chain settlement and cross market interaction. EasyFi launch main network in October 2020, as per record Easy Token was trade at price $1.48 USD. however, since 2021 Easy manages follow bullish trend where it surged from $3.5 USD to $13.30 USD. EasyFi in one month raised by 4 times comparing to price of year 2020. EasyFi also introduced new form of yield farming under naming Dual Yield farming. In the Dual Farming partner project also allocation a portion of Easy Token and partner token to the farmer.

EasyFi Price Prediction


Will Easy hit $100 USD?

As per our prediction Easy Token may crosses $100 USD after 2025.

Is EasyFi a Good Investment?

Project aim to solve mainstream problem on existing DeFi space and considering that EasyFi demand keep increases.


EasyFi is making DeFi more accessible, easy to integrate, customizable and adoptable with layer 2 solution. EasyFi solving problem like slow transaction speed and higher gas fees on Ethereum network-based tokens. Project said to be fork version of Compound but instead of Ethereum it uses Matic network. however, since its listing on Binance and WazirX it started collection huge market volume and probably it will in million worth crypto picture.

EasyFi Rating