Elastos (ELA) Price Prediction 2020, 2021, 2022, 2025, 2030

What is Elastos?

Elastos is network that brings new era of internet by inherit power of Blockchain technology. Elastos is evolving since 2009 where they started their development with develop smartphones and then created operating system for IoT devices and mobiles phones. In 2017, Elastos launched their mainnet after publishing source code on GitHub by Rong Chen who is former engineer in Microsoft.

Elastos offer services for decentralized application without any centralized control. however, Elastos has operating system and runtime for dApps that can easily connect to its internet protocol and OS will run on different mobile, IoT devices and Raspberry Pi. as there is no need to change you operating system to access Elastos based Dapps on mobiles. Network also facilitate DID i.e. decentralized ID that will be issued once user sent request to access inter data and that will eliminate middle men and other attacks. So, in short the platform in combination of Smart contract, trustworthy ledger and monetizable dApps and assets.

Network has intrinsic Token created by Elastos Blockchain can be used to pay transaction fees, exchange or trading any digital asset. it has DPoS delegated Proof of Stake consensus algorithm that enable community voting to shape and governed ecosystem. however, ELA token holder only can join community.

Elastos Price Prediction

Month & YearELA Price Prediction
September 2020$2.6095
October 2020$3.0404
November 2020$2.8250
December 2020$2.9926
January 2021$3.4714
February 2021$3.6868
March 2021$3.1601
April 2021$3.9981
May 2021$4.1417
June 2021$4.4769
July 2021$3.7347
August 2021$4.5248
September 2021$5.2909
October 2021$5.5542
November 2021$5.0993
December 2021$6.3921
January 2022$7.0146
February 2022$7.9961
March 2022$8.6904
April 2022$8.0680
May 2022$9.2171
June 2022$8.8341
July 2022$5.5542
August 2022$5.7218
September 2022$6.1288
October 2022$6.5836
November 2022$6.6555
December 2022$6.8709
January 2025$18.8891
April 2025$18.6257
July 2025$19.7031
October 2025$22.5759
Decemeber 2025$20.9240
January 2030$31.6973
April 2030$33.8040
July 2030$32.7746
October 2030$33.4689
December 2030$36.1981

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Elastos Overview

Project nameElastos
Ticker SymbolELA
Total Supply36,032,080
Official websiteElastos.infor
Based onInternet Blockchain
Launched year 2017
All-time high$93.96 USD
Exchange PlatformHuobi Global, coinDCX, Lbank, Kucoin, CoinEx, Probit Exchange, CoinEgg, BitZ, Huobi Russia.
WalletElastos Wallet

ELA ICO Overview

Platform usedELA
Raised by$94,070,000 USD
Date of ICO23 January 2018
ICO Price$18.09 USD
PartnersLinkworld, Bitett, 8BTC, BTCC, Jaguar News, Antpool, Bitmain, Bixin, Weatherblock, WeFilmChain, Chainlink.
Elastos Price Prediction

Elastos Price Analysis

Elastos after going live on trading platform debuted with average price of $42 USD in February 2018 and after with bullish trends it reaches to all time highest with $93.96 USD price. Since, march 2018 Elastos was consistently dropping with huge percentage and from beginning of 2019 it started maintain average price of $1.67 USD. now in 2020, Elastos finally break resistance zone to cross $2 USD mark and since beginning of July 2020, price shifted from $1.45 USD to $2.89 USD with 99% within 1 month of interval. recently Elastos also entered into top 200 largest crypto list and as of writing it may make its entry into top 100.


Can ELA Reach $10 USD?

Yes, considering the fact of $93 USD all time highest price, it can be happen anytime in recent 2 years.

How Much Elastos Token Worth in 2030?

Probably worth more than $30 USD.

Is Elastos a Good Investment?

Yes, try to buy below $2 USD price.


Elastos changing traditional way of world wide web, however, there is always news about this website hacked by anonymous and security of user always in the risk. So, Elastos with blockchain technology with solve the problem hacking and decentralized nature will eliminate third party while accessing news and internet. The project also offers all in one solution for creating own dapps for user with their SDK and tools.

Elastos Rating