Fusion (FSN) Coin Price Prediction 2020, 2021, 2025, 2030

What is Fusion?

Fusion is Blockchain interoperability platform that connect different blockchain project for financial transaction. Fusion wanted crate financial blockchain wave, in which Fusion offers interoperability solution with DCRM i.e. decentralized control right management that create bridge between blockchain and other system. DCRM said to be one of fastest, scalable and secure interoperability solution, which has powerful feature than atomic swap, sharded key storage and multi-signature scheme. In the newest update of DCRM mode bringing distributed system to integrate off-chain and on-chain workflow.

Fusion offer solution of business that help to build forward thinking application with saving money. However Fusion network offers digital asset that can interact and integrate with other business and other technical system. Fusion provide API libraries that remove complex smart contract and bring ease of building blockchain.

The network uses custom build consensus protocol i.e. TPoS i.e. Ticketed Proof of Stake, so user can enable staking by contribution on fusion network and setting up node. TPoS basically used to validate and secure decentralized network. FSN Token is used by Fusion network and for using toolkit and network for financial transaction user need to trade FSN Token. initially FSN was based on ERC-20 Token now after mainnet launch token swapping started to Fusion mainnet.

Fusion Price Prediction

Month & YearFSN Price Prediction
September 2020$0.5996
October 2020$0.6110
November 2020$0.5939
December 2020$0.5882
January 2021$0.6510
February 2021$0.6567
March 2021$0.6396
April 2021$0.7024
May 2021$0.8109
June 2021$0.9536
July 2021$0.8737
August 2021$0.8280
September 2021$0.9993
October 2021$0.9308
November 2021$1.0907
December 2021$1.2220
January 2022$1.1649
February 2022$1.2106
March 2022$1.3305
April 2022$1.2905
May 2022$1.3419
June 2022$1.3762
July 2022$1.3248
August 2022$1.3648
September 2022$1.4619
October 2022$1.5704
November 2022$1.5875
December 2022$1.6389
January 2025$2.2213
April 2025$2.1585
July 2025$2.2556
October 2025$2.9237
Decemeber 2025$2.7638
January 2030$3.5005
April 2030$3.4376
July 2030$6.1272
October 2030$6.4470
December 2030$6.9895

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Fusion Price Analysis

Fusion was launched following crypto hype in early 2018, where most of crypto was falling that time Fusion started following bullish trend, in which FSN reaches to new all time i.e. $9.38 USD. Fusion still having negative ROI, as of writing ROI is $78% but 2020 year so is going into favour of Fusion. We know interoperability was not that much popular before 2019, but ever since most of crypto project started adopting inoperability system. So, those updates in the system help to gained huge market volume in 2020, so similar it also helps Fusion to surged by 540%, where prices shift from $0.10 USD to $0.64 USD.

Fusion Price Prediction

Fusion Overview

Project nameFusion
Ticker SymbolFSN
Total Supply63,138,053
Official websiteFusion.org
Based onInteroperability blockchain
Launched year2018
All-time high$9.33 USD
Exchange PlatformHuobi Global, OKEx, MXC, Hotbit, Bibox, Bittex, BitMax, VCC Exchange, IDEX, Bitfinex, Upbit, CITEX, Coinall, Liquid, Binance DEX, upbit.

FSN Token ICO Overview

Platform usedERC-20
Raised by$42,190,000 USD
Date of ICO11 February 2018
ICO Price$2.06 USD
PartnersFingenom, FBG capital, Bibox, Kryption capital, block water capital, kr token investing simplified, KW token investment, FLY future, Eastmore group, Alpview capital, equidate, lookwood group, rengen.io.


How Much FSN Coin Worth in 2030?

Probably trading in the range of $2 to $5 USD

Can FSN Reach $1 USD?

Probably before 2022 or in beginning of 2023.

Is Fusion a Good Investment?

Yes, short might be risky.


Fusion directly target of solving biggest problem in existing blockchain technology i.e. scalability, usability and interoperability. It concept is out of box in early 2018 but right now competition is increasing daily basis, right now many project offering nearly similar service, so fusion bringing update to network and that is reason why they gaining consistent traders and stakers.

Fusion Rating