GateToken (GT) Coin Price Prediction 2020, 2021, 2025, 2030

What is GateToken?

Many of regular investor in cryptocurrency must heard about Gate global digital asset exchange platform. is based on Gatechain i.e. public blockchain for Decentralized exchange and stablecoins. However, GateToken is native token of Gatechain ecosystem that works as exchange token on platform.

Back in march 2020 exchange token get rename as GateToken with ticker symbol is GT. However, GT was under development alongside with platform but team decided to distributed to platform users as gift. GT token use to pay transaction fees on gatechain network along with it used pay staking rewards. Gatechain uses PoS consensus algorithm that allow GT token to work as stable incentive for maintaining or stabilize ecosystem.

GateChain majorly focusing on safety of onchain asset and decentralized tradin. It follows unique infrastructure with vault design that help user to revoke their stolen funds. Gatechain uses fault-tolerant mechanism that expected to solve asset security issue along with safety guarantee. In used case Gatechain introduced clearing mechanism that aim to solve problem private key loss and asset theft. Network serve more than 2k transaction per second with 4 second block time and with real time order matching engine on decentralized exchange. it also offers cross-chain interoperability along with token swaps and liquidity mining.

GateToken Price Prediction

Month & YearGT Price Prediction
November 2020$0.6981
December 2020$1.0288
January 2021$1.3090
February 2021$1.5341
March 2021$1.5846
April 2021$1.7545
May 2021$1.6305
June 2021$1.8923
July 2021$1.9612
August 2021$1.8326
September 2021$2.0944
October 2021$2.2414
November 2021$2.3930
December 2021$2.2598
January 2022$2.4711
February 2022$2.5537
March 2022$2.3516
April 2022$2.7053
May 2022$2.8247
June 2022$2.9212
July 2022$2.7512
August 2022$2.9120
September 2022$3.0636
October 2022$3.1646
November 2022$3.4172
December 2022$3.1922
January 2025$3.3713
March 2025$3.5826
May 2025$3.7295
July 2025$5.4611
October 2025$5.4106
Decemeber 2025$5.6173
January 2030$6.1684
March 2030$9.0666
May 2030$9.2412
July 2030$9.0437
October 2030$9.1769
December 2030$9.7005

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Gatechain Overview

Project nameGateChain
Ticker SymbolGateToken or GT
Total Supply300,000,000
Based onDecentralized Exchange
Launched year2019
All-time high$0.925205 USD
Exchange, BiKi, Huobi Global, LBank, BitMax, Coinall

GT ICO Overview

Platform usedOwn Wallet
Raised by$83,000,000 USD
Date of ICO21 April 2019
ICO Price$0.5 USD,, coindar, coinbri, Skrumble network.

GateToken Price Analysis

In recent years many trading platform-based token gaining huge volume referring userbase of platform. platform also one of the most used exchange platforms where user find most digital asset listed and also new project also listed on it. the reason behind successor its security and fund revoke feature. Gatetoken was started listed on different trading platform along with, but after listing it continue bearish run. GT was traded at price $0.88 USD with popular USDT pair and generating maximum volume from their exchange platform. however, after dropped to $0.35 USD in mid-march 2020 it continues to rise and reaches to $0.64 USD i.e. all time high after February 2020.

GateToken Price Prediction


How much GateToken worth in 2030?

Probably worth more than $5 USD.

Is GateToken a Good Investment?

GateToken can be best investment and it also unlock different benefit if you using platform.


As of writing currently under top 20 highest volume exchange platform list. GateToken fuel ecosystem and most of trades with different token are pair with GT token. in recent year platform-based token such as HT, BNB coin, UNI Token able to secure huge trading volume. in future, GateToken also enter into top 100 biggest crypto project sorted by volume.

GateToken Rating