Handshake (HNS) Coin Price Prediction 2020, 2021, 2022, 2030

What is Handshake?

Handshake is blockchain project that aim to bring decentralized permissionless naming and certificate authority protocol. platform based on peer to peer root naming system i.e. work as software that improve security while registering internet name. in use cases Handshake initially begin with experimental project, where domain registration can be done without central entity i.e. ICANN. We know DNS is already decentralized but it has exception while collecting top level domains and social media handling name.

Handshake uses coins to improve security of domain and also prevent them from sybil attacks. Basically, Handshake help out user to do agreement on internet names and to show owning right in decentralized way software uses cryptographic keys. The project wanted to prevent most of domain from single party, where single party or name providers claiming all names. for e.g. Godaddy pre-owned unique name so can they sell that in higher price or in auction by charging extra fees.

Handshake is full decentralized that gives full control where internet will be more secure, social useful and resilient. system will be operated or validate by the network participant means no third party is involve in major decision-making process. Network still uses proof of work but it limited for lightweight games registration and solutions.  

Handshake Price Prediction

Month & YearHNS Price Prediction
November 2020$0.2527
December 2020$0.3723
January 2021$0.4737
February 2021$0.5552
March 2021$0.5735
April 2021$0.6350
May 2021$0.5901
June 2021$0.6848
July 2021$0.7098
August 2021$0.6632
September 2021$0.7580
October 2021$0.8112
November 2021$0.8660
December 2021$0.8178
January 2022$0.8943
February 2022$0.9242
March 2022$0.8510
April 2022$0.9790
May 2022$1.0223
June 2022$1.0572
July 2022$0.9957
August 2022$1.0538
September 2022$1.1087
October 2022$1.1453
November 2022$1.2367
December 2022$1.1552
January 2025$1.2201
March 2025$1.2965
May 2025$1.3497
July 2025$1.9764
October 2025$1.9581
Decemeber 2025$2.0329
January 2030$2.2323
March 2030$3.2812
May 2030$3.3443
July 2030$3.2729
October 2030$3.3211
December 2030$3.5106

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Handshake Overview

Project nameHandshake
Ticker SymbolHNS
Total Supply2,040,000,000
Official websiteHandshake.org
Based onDecentralized DNS
Launched year2019
All-time high$0.47 USD
Exchange PlatformNamebase, Hotbit, MXC, Gate.io, BiKi, Bitttex, CoinEx.
WalletHandshake wallet.

IHNS CO Overview

Platform usedOWN Wallet
Raised by$10,200,000 USD
Date of ICONA
PartnersA16z Crypto, Founders funds, Polychain capital, darper.
Handshake Price Prediction

Handshake Price Analysis

Handshake is fuel by HNS i.e. handshake coin that handle name registration, transfer and update name along with other major transaction on the platform. Handshake also handpicked premium or unique domain where community will initiate auction program and user can place bid. Bidding process also involve HNS token, so considering that fact if somehow Handshake continue to gained more user then it ultimately going collect huge market volume. we know domain and social media handle is pretty import for running business and daily million of new domain register in market so consider that handshake may cross billion in worth. As of writing in price graph of HNS is pretty consistent, where since last few week it following neutral trend with $0.0922 and then sudden hiked by reaching $0.23 USD benefit ranking surge.


Will HNS Reach $1 USD?

Yes, considering history price chart, HNS may cross $1 USD in year 2027.

Is Handshake a Good Investment?

Big yes, Experimental project that can change whole internet name market and block third party involvement.


Handshake probably one of the most unique projects that can massively impact domain registration and social media project in future. we know existing project charges huge platform fees for accessing their services and buying expired or top-level domain and social media account is one of the most profitable business. In this business most of buyer and seller both have to paid higher platform fees. Handshake has unique way to register or prove identity of internet name along and also identify economic limits. The platform enable transparent name auction without economic cost function and user has freedom to access n number of domains.  

Handshake Rating