Kick Token Price Prediction 2020, 2021, 2022, 2025, 2030

What is Kick Token?

KickEX is cryptocurrency exchange platform based on Kick Ecosystem i.e. claimed to be one stop shop fintech ecosystem. Kick ecosystem aiming to provide decentralized financial ecosystem before hype of DeFi. Basically, Kick was introduced in ICO hype and later it plays major role in building of Decentralized Finance. Kick Token is ERC20 utility token, where token holder gets benefit like discount or off on trading.

Kick Ecosystem is behind complete fundraising and exchange platform that bult for power token sales for crypto project. KICKICO is changing token fundraising with maintaining security and stability. Kick wanted to provide modern financial system, where development was started in 2015 and later it launched year 207. Kick recently since 2019 launched series project including Kickex, KICKICO, KickAcademy. KickRef and others.

Kick network founder announce buyback program, where $100k USD worth will buyback at price $0.00015 USD. Kick token buyback is ending on 1st September 2020 and reason behind plan is to push KickEx Exchange. Trader can participate in Buyback program after verifying KYC on platform, however this buyback is only available on official KickEX Platform. however, use can still earn rewards on platform for holding Kick Token on Kick Wallet.

Kick Token Price Prediction

Month & YearKICK Price Prediction
November 2020$0.00003
December 2020$0.00004
January 2021$0.00006
February 2021$0.00006
March 2021$0.00007
April 2021$0.00007
May 2021$0.00007
June 2021$0.00008
July 2021$0.00008
August 2021$0.00008
September 2021$0.00009
October 2021$0.00009
November 2021$0.00010
December 2021$0.00010
January 2022$0.00010
February 2022$0.00011
March 2022$0.00010
April 2022$0.00011
May 2022$0.00012
June 2022$0.00012
July 2022$0.00012
August 2022$0.00012
September 2022$0.00013
October 2022$0.00013
November 2022$0.00014
December 2022$0.00013
January 2025$0.00014
March 2025$0.00015
May 2025$0.00016
July 2025$0.00023
October 2025$0.00023
Decemeber 2025$0.00024
January 2030$0.00026
March 2030$0.00038
May 2030$0.00039
July 2030$0.00038
October 2030$0.00039
December 2030$0.00041

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KickEX Overview

Project nameKick
Ticker SymbolKick token
Total Supply1,247,739,529,594
Based onExchange
Launched year2017
All-time high$0.89 USD
Exchange PlatformKickEx, Kucoin, Uniswap v2, Bilaxy, HitBTC, STEX, Sistemkoin
WalletKick Wallet

KickToken ICO Overview

Platform usedERC-20
Raised by$21,580,000 USD
Date of ICO16 September 2017
Kick Token Price Prediction

Kick Token Price Analysis  

One day before Buyback of Kick Token traders started investing expecting bullish trend after 1st September 2020. Kick ranks tops on the trending list with breakout search and now market volume also sees huge growth in number of investors. Kick Token was introduced in 2017, where ICO was hot things and in that it manages to reach $0.89 USD i.e. all time highest till now. Kick Token after 2018 consistently following bearish trend it almost dropped to $0.00007 USD in 2020. Kick Token in September 2020 can reach breakout to reach $0.0010 USD.


How Much Kick Token Worth in 2030?

probably cross $1 USD mark, If KickEX manage to gained more active traders then Kick token price can go up.

Is Kick a good Investment?

Yes, as of now in beginning of September 2020 ideal time.


Kick foundation having great experience in fundraising, as since 2010 they are in service and in 2017, they launched their first blockchain project. in 2020, Buyback on kickEX can be give fresh restart to project and also boost trading platform sales. Kick token was not having enough fluctuation even all market was up in beginning of 2020. However, founder of Kick believes when no one believe in DeFi that time we keep backing DeFi considering future. now in hype of DeFi Kick also can gained million worth in market volume.

Kick Token Rating