LockTrip (LOC) Price Prediction 2021, 2022, 2025, 2030, 2050

What is LockTrip?

Locktrip blockchain backed innovation that offer all-in one solution for travel and business with targeting hotel booking. Locktrip currently one of the biggest private hotel or travel booking portal with over 2.2 mullion hotels and properties available worldwide. Platform charges 0% commission and offer up-to 60% off with the help of blockchain and replacing centralized ecosystem with decentralized.

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Locktrip inspired and created with community feedback and recommendation, as developers and management work together in bringing project into reality. Platform dealing under three main elements that include booking, marketplace and blockchain. at first, anyone can book hotel or properties as their preference at cheaper rate than existing top leader. Locktrip charges almost 20% cheaper rate comparing with top competitors like Booking.com, Airbnb and Expedia.

Flight booking services now immerging on platform, as with zero commission polices their 5% difference comparing with others. it is said to be first ever platform that allow property owner and customer to contact and confirm deal without charging any fees. Marketplace is vital part of part, as platform will be based on distributed database that support infrastructure of marketplace. in this marketplace, Locktrip will be focusing on improving transparency as well efficiency in pricing of hotel.

Locktrip Price Prediction

Month & YearLOC Price Prediction
August 2021$8.88
September 2021$16.49
October 2021$18.61
November 2021$20.00
December 2021$22.87
January 2022$30.74
February 2022$33.13
March 2022$50.52
April 2022$59.56
May 2022$69.67
June 2022$64.88
July 2022$80.83
August 2022$86.68
September 2022$96.79
October 2022$77.11
November 2022$92.00
December 2022$109.02
March 2023$97.32
June 2023$103.70
September 2023$117.00
January 2025$239.84
March 2025$219.10
May 2025$235.06
July 2025$207.94
September 2025$240.91
October 2025$248.89
Decemeber 2025$261.65
January 2030$463.74
March 2030$491.39
May 2030$533.93
July 2030$554.14
September 2030$511.60
December 2030$571.69

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Locktrip Overview

Project nameLocktrip
Ticker SymbolLOC
Total Supply18,585,933
Official websiteLocktrip.com
Based onHotel Booking
Launched year2017
Supported ChainEthereum
Exchange PlatformBitcoin.com, Kucoin, HITBTC

LOC ICO Overview

Platform usedNA
Raised by$4000000 USD
Date of ICONA
ICO Price$0.55 USD
PartnersElectroneum, Stasis, DGB, Webjet.

LOC Price Analysis

LOC is primary and key token of Locktrip ecosystem based on Ethereum network. we know Locktrip provided services supports crypto payment and LOC is being own token will be having offer and discount to holder. LOC was distributed in 2017 via ICO at price $0.55 USD, but after that their no big moment seen in price. LOC since January 2021 following bullish run, as in last 6-month price surged from $0.58 to $11.11 record to all time high. As of writing, LOC return of investment crosses 18x and expected bull run continues rest of year. LOC listed on top exchanges and along with huge surge in users, marketcap number growing that ultimately helping in growth of LOC Token value.

Locktrip Price Prediction


How Much LOC Token Worth in 2030?

With major adoption and use of platform LOC targeted price will be around $500 to $600 USD.

Is Locktrip a Good Investment?

Locktrip token holder will be get benefit while booking hotel or any properties, as token holder can stake their token to receive rewards.


LockTrip not only platform that offer booking but also help other projects and developer for their smooth operation. Locktrip Blockchain adoption will be part of many businesses, who facing issues while development of cost-efficient product. Project has made development changes and upgrade their infrastructure to compete against top player in the industry. As per report more than 80% booking done via booking.com and experdia platform, as locktrip also see huge growth in user and booking. In 2021, we know crypto as payment significantly growing, in that travala.com and locktrip consider as most promising and trusted project that operated on blockchain technology.

Locktrip Rating