Velas (VLX) Coin Price Prediction 2020, 2021, 2025, 2030

What is Velas?

VELAS stands of virtual expanding learning autonomous System that implies on AI backed Delegated Proof of Stake i.e. AIDPOS consensus algorithm. Velas based on Self-learning and optimized blockchain platform that enable inoperability, security, scalability and smart contracts. Velas uses AI operated DPOS that ensure blockchain transaction security without losing decentralization, stability and security. Velas was founded by CoinPyaments CEO i.e. Aelx Alexandrov in 2019 as Switzerland based blockchain starup.  

Velas was one of the key projects that address and solved mainstream problem on existing blockchain. initially, after crypto market breakout most of the blockchain not able to provide enough number of transactions per second and lack of security. Velas integration with AI will eliminate human interruption and it will help fix 51% attacks and other compliance problem. In use cases Velas aim have capacity of processing more than 30K transaction per second without loss of decentralization and security. Adding AI algorithm in Blockchain will used to determine node rating, number of blocks, block fake transaction, fake messages, correct rewards and node functioning.

Velas ecosystem is fuel by its native token i.e. VLX Token. recently Velas has launched multi-currency wallet that allow user to perform basic operation like staking, swap, store with high security. However, Velas former known as Coinpayments coin and in 2019 it swaps to VLX tokens.

Velas Price Prediction

Month & YearVLX Price Prediction
November 2020$0.0638
December 2020$0.0941
January 2021$0.1197
February 2021$0.1403
March 2021$0.1449
April 2021$0.1604
May 2021$0.1491
June 2021$0.1730
July 2021$0.1793
August 2021$0.1676
September 2021$0.1915
October 2021$0.2050
November 2021$0.2188
December 2021$0.2066
January 2022$0.2260
February 2022$0.2335
March 2022$0.2150
April 2022$0.2474
May 2022$0.2583
June 2022$0.2671
July 2022$0.2516
August 2022$0.2663
September 2022$0.2801
October 2022$0.2894
November 2022$0.3125
December 2022$0.2919
January 2025$0.3083
March 2025$0.3276
May 2025$0.3410
July 2025$0.4994
October 2025$0.4948
Decemeber 2025$0.5137
January 2030$0.5641
March 2030$0.8291
May 2030$0.8450
July 2030$0.8270
October 2030$0.8392
December 2030$0.8870

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Velas Overview

Project nameVelas
Ticker SymbolVLX
Total Supply2,096,815,748
Based onAIDPoS
Launched year2019
All-time high$0.090 USD
Exchange, Probit Exchange, Bittrex, EXMO, HitBTC, ZBG,
WalletVelas Wallet
PartnerMIND AI, CoinPayments, Market Across, EXMO, CV Labs, Blockchain Suisse, ZBG, Bcvault, WEB3 Space, Bitwork, Z union
Velas Price Prediction

VLX Price Analysis

VLX after token swapped listed on CMC in October 2019 with average price $0.018 USD. however, beginning of 2020 year with average price of $0.019 USD till April 2020. VLX since beginning of April 2020 start following bullish trend where it reached to $0.090 USD on 12th June 2020. Now, VLX again comes in highlight after 34% price hiked in less than 24 hours. Velas ultimately benefit from new wallet launched with different big crypto support, it also benefits VLX coin.


How much VLX Coin worth in 2030?

according to out prediction, Expected to cross $1.5 USD mark.

Is Velas a Good Investment?

Yes, for long term investment Velas can give decent profit but don’t forgot research.


Velas that uses neural network in order to bring artificial intelligence on blockchain technology for self-working. However, idea of integration of AI is great because it will eliminate interference of corrupt human. it also supports creation of public and private container for different blockchain project that allow creation of scalability solution. As of writing, Velas is one of the most scalable project that do not sacrifices decentralization, security and protect from hackers.

Velas Rating