Looksrare (Looks) Price Prediction 2022, 2023, 2025, 2030, 2050

What is Looksrare?

Looksrare is NFT marketplace that offers buying, selling of different NFT Projects. Looksrare is competitor of Opensea i.e., biggest NFT marketplace platform primarily builds on Ethereum network. Looksrare not fork version of any existing platform, as its smart contract are custom made within modular system. Looksrare unique smart contract enable new feature without fear of any security and decentralization.

Looksrare offer 20% lower trading fees i.e., platform commission than Opensea and it charges 3% trading fees, where opensea charges 4%. Platform also distribute reward to their user for buying and selling NFTs. Looksrare said to be community first NFTs marketplace where traders, stakers and collector get rewarded in different way. In features list Looksrare has introduce new type of interaction like collection offer, trait offer and multi-cancellation. This new interaction will save gas fees of user, as many users finds difficult to manage their assets on different platform.

Looksrare trading volume is setting new record since its launch and more new users joining platform. Major NFTs project including Bored Ape Yacht Club, Azuki, Meebits and more already listed on Platform.

Looksrare Price Prediction

Month & YearLOOKS Price Prediction
September 2022$8,819,415.058
October 2022$13,097,489.527
November 2022$14,611,269.723
December 2022$15,466,884.617
January 2023$16,651,582.162
February 2023$12,373,507.693
March 2023$14,611,269.723
April 2023$16,059,233.389
May 2023$19,020,977.252
June 2023$19,415,876.434
September 2023$21,192,922.751
December 2023$22,640,886.418
April 2024$21,916,904.585
July 2024$25,536,813.750
October 2024$23,364,868.251
January 2025$25,997,529.462
February 2025$56,997,115.226
March 2025$58,576,711.953
April 2025$64,500,199.678
May 2025$65,487,447.633
June 2025$67,132,860.890
July 2025$75,030,844.524
August 2025$86,877,819.975
September 2025$79,243,102.462
October 2025$77,663,505.735
November 2025$90,826,811.792
Decemeber 2025$93,459,473.003
January 2030$200,740,417.367
March 2030$213,245,558.121
May 2030$239,572,170.234
July 2030$220,485,376.452
September 2030$254,051,806.897
December 2030$263,266,121.137

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Looksrare Overview

Project nameLooksrare
Ticker SymbolLOOKS
Total Supply1,000,000,000
Official websiteLooksrare.org
Based onNFT Marketplace
Launched year2022
Exchange PlatformUniswap,Huobi Global, Bybit, FTX, MXCE, ZB

Looks Price Analysis

Looks Utility and DAO token of Looksrare Platform created on Ethereum Network. Looks Token initially airdropped to NFT trader with few conditions, as 20% of supply was airdropped. Looks after listing set huge record and following that it gets listed on top CEX exchanges like Huobi, Gate and others. Looks registered $7 USD all time high record and during 2022 bearish run it falls below $1 USD. Looks price slowing recovering, as market is all set for another bull run. Looks has great utility, as NFT trading volume is still low and more big volume traded about to come in future. so, in future huge trading volume will be definitely favour price of Looks token.


How Much LOOKS Worth in 2030?

Expected to trading between $500 to $600 USD.

Is Looks a Good Investment?

If you NFT trader most of you already receive airdrop from Looksrare and staking with 250% APY will be great investment.


Looksrare open competition to opensea, who already have millions of active users. Since, Looksrare launch many users shifted from opensea because of rewards and trading fees it offers. However, Whale still using Opensea, as they don’t care about fees and feature that competitor offers. Looksrare new feature such as multiple order cancellation, customized order and target buying or selling definitely game changers. Looksrare is ranked top 3 in NFT marketplace category and it continue to hold this position.

Looksrare Rating
Disclaimer: We Provide Expected Price Prediction of Cryptocurrency based on Previous data and analysis which is not 100% correct. So do your own research before investing, as it very volatile market and you need to careful with your investment. first research about project, check it is listed on top tier exchanges and their audit report.