MainFrame (MFT Coin) Price Prediction 2018, 2019, 2020 future Forecast

MainFrame (MFT Coin)

Mainframe seeking attention because of price is dancing with 20+% growth rate, as right now there are very few cryptocurrencies showing price fluctuation, so mainframe which was indexed on 5 July 2018 at coinmarketcap takes huge jump in ranking after entering into top 200 coins with $37 Million market cap value and along with this mainframe having awesome features in terms of technology as considering current use of internet which is connecting people all over the world and in this there is huge exchange of data and this connection has some advantages and disadvantages in which privacy is playing the main role, so they are focusing on concept future of freedom, mainframe introduce web3 platform to resist hackers, trackers, gatekeepers and sensors, which also keeps data secure.

MFT Coin Price Prediction

Talking about price prediction then there is no historical data present right now, so considering other cryptocurrency which is based on similar technology we are going to set some value for better understanding, as MFT Token sale was scheduled in June 2018 and ended on 4th July 2018 and following token distribution is supposed to rise in price due to sudden growth in investor but things not was not working as per plan of officials, at the beginning of launch in previous cases there is huge growth in price but opposite to this MFT coin price going down and after 3 to 4 days it again start rising with small percentage of less than 30% resulting into they not able to make good impact at launching and with this mft coin was reaches only $0.0240 USD highest till date and expected price was $0.10 USD, so following disappointed graph we set some prediction which will be false or true.

Month & YearPrice Prediction in USD
August 2018$0.029 USD
September 2018$0.032 USD
October 2018$0.039 USD
November 2018$0.0562 USD
December 2018$0.0672 USD

Note: the above value is based on a 10-day graph of MFT Coin Price.

Mainframe Price Prediction

Mainframe Price Prediction

Mainframe Price Prediction 2018

Mainframe have 10 billion maximum supply and till now 2 Billion supply is distributed to user as they are going to distributed 50% supply in Initial coin offering, 25% to team and 25% of supply to the ecosystem with restrictions to USA citizen, as they are using messaging layer to enable blockchain and uses peer to peer transaction, so after having 5 year experienced team mainframe enter into top 10 successful ICO and also having good response from investor but considering current market mainframe not able to rise in terms of prices which means there will be downfall in ranking which may lose some amount of investor, so right now owner & founder of many cryptocurrency is doing some experiment so with some percentage of growth in price they can attract some users.

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MFT Price Forecast 2020

As mainframe just complete 10 days of indexed in which MFT Coin was in the top 200 highest market cap holder list and this because it has unique technology of privacy which is the biggest need of future, as a few days back European country create new law of data privacy as well as they also set some new rules and those who are not following that will be fined some amount, but in some country there is no restrictions on data privacy sharing so this technology may be leading in upcoming years, as talking about price prediction then in 2020 MFT price will expected to reaching $5 USD mark at beginning of year and will end year by crossing $12 USD, as 2018 was going well for many cryptocurrencies but after facing back to back trouble in privacy and some country banned they getting continuous price dropped but from last 2 months prices looks stable which is a good sign and we will see growth in price till end of 2018 and will end year with price on the moon event.

Month & YearPrice Prediction in USD
January 2020$4.523 USD
February 2020$5.232 USD
March 2020$6.245 USD
April 2020$6.742 USD
May 2020$7.133 USD
June 2020$7.4563 USD
July 2020$9.632 USD
August 2020$9.01 USD
September 2020$10.08 USD
November 2020$11.45 USD
December 2020$12.05 USD

Note: above price are set on basis of same technology cryptocurrency as mainframe price chart.

MainFrame Wiki

Cryptocurrency NameMainframe
Ticker SymbolMFT Token
Total Supply10,000,000,000 MFT
Date of index5 July 2018
InformationPrivacy Blockchain
End of ICO Date4th July 2018


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