PlayFuel (PLF) Coin Price Prediction 2020, 2021, 2025, 2030

What is PlayFuel?

PlayFuel is emerging project that aim to bring Blockchain innovation to fuel Gaming industry. Playfuel is multi-features platform that provide services from gamers to developers. on this platform developer can built games, player can play games along with they can also earn rewards along with different promoting and referral program. Playfuel also focusing on data security, where platform user data will be having higher security along with, they introduced item ownership where cloning or stealing concept will avoided.

Playfuel Platform initially build on Ethereum Blockchain and later it migrates on its own Blockchain network. main motivation behind developing this project is providing best platform to one of the most growing global games market. In last few year Gaming industry has been dominating, as its total worth was already crossed $100 billion mark. In the traditional gaming industry, some problem was always there started from low earning to security of user account. In solution PlayFuel created different opportunity for earning from mining along with playing, selling games and gaming items and also streaming services.

In most of gaming platform advertisement is one of the most annoying things as to have limited ads display user can spend PLF token to block and at same time they can earn by watching ads. PLF token is fuelling Playfuel ecosystem, as this token will handle transaction department and it also distributed in the form of rewards. PLF token can be used in buying, selling, advertisement and other item on different games.

PlayFuel Price Prediction

Month & YearPLF Price Prediction
November 2020$0.1217
December 2020$0.1794
January 2021$0.2282
February 2021$0.2674
March 2021$0.2763
April 2021$0.3059
May 2021$0.2843
June 2021$0.3299
July 2021$0.3419
August 2021$0.3195
September 2021$0.3651
October 2021$0.3908
November 2021$0.4172
December 2021$0.3940
January 2022$0.4308
February 2022$0.4452
March 2022$0.4100
April 2022$0.4716
May 2022$0.4924
June 2022$0.5093
July 2022$0.4796
August 2022$0.5077
September 2022$0.5341
October 2022$0.5517
November 2022$0.5957
December 2022$0.5565
January 2025$0.5877
March 2025$0.6246
May 2025$0.6502
July 2025$0.9521
October 2025$0.9433
Decemeber 2025$0.9793
January 2030$1.0754
March 2030$1.5806
May 2030$1.6111
July 2030$1.5766
October 2030$1.5998
December 2030$1.6911

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PlayFuel Overview

Project namePlayfuel
Ticker SymbolPLF
Total Supply10,000,000,000
Based onGaming Blockchain
Launched year2018
All-time high$0.54 USD
Exchange PlatformBilaxy, BigONE, ExMarkets, CoinBene, DigiFinex, LBank, Hotbit, STEX, Crex24.
WalletOwn Wallet.

PlayFuel Price Analysis

This PlayFuel coin was registered on CoinMarketCap just a day before of New Year 2020 with price of approximately half a USD i.e. $0.46 US Dollar. The value of 1 PLF coin was constant and ranging between $0.4 to $0.5 USD for next couple of months. Later there was a sudden bearish trend and price of PlayFuel token dropped to $0.31 USD and after sudden drop it took around 7 days to recover and gain price of $0.4 USD.

PlayFuel Price Prediction

After this sudden drop and recovery PLF coin was constant again for around 3 to 4 months and again at the end of June there was 2nd bearish trend and this time it was so huge that price of 1 PFL coin dropped to $0.04 USD. Now After 2 months of bearish market there was sudden Bullish trend shown by PlayFuel coin by showing 400% growth in 3 days. So, right now price of 1 PLF coin is ranging between $0.22 USD and it is expected that it will grow up to $0.4 and then it might be stable for couple of weeks or months.


Will PlayFuel Reach $1 USD?

probably after 2020

is PlayFuel a Good Investment?



We know blockchain and gaming integration has great scope in future development of gaming industry. Blockchain is now entering into almost different sole technology to bring security, better interference and own low-cost payment system. However, in gaming world the thing like earning transparency, easy development tool, advertisement and buying, selling games and items always cause problem. PlayFuel i.e. fuel gaming platform solve different existing issue and launching their own blockchain mainnet they already one step ahead with competitor. As in future PlayFuel may bring more feature update for developer and gamer along with that they also looking forward to established partnership with different gaming giant companies.

PlayFuel Rating