Ultra (UOS) Price Prediction 2020, 2021, 2022, 2025, 2030

What is Ultra?

Ultra is open source PC Gaming platform built on Blockchain that aim to bring revolution and fair decision making in gaming distribution. Ultra network has created Game Publishing platform that empower Gamers and developer. Platform offers different type of games that include paid, free, Esports and other multiplayer games. Ultra wanted to enable transparent platform, where 21% more revenue can be earned by developer i.e. highest revenue award among other gaming platform.

Ultra has range of revenue distribution pattern for users and developers on ecosystem along with referral program and instant gaming installation. However, player can build and manage their own gaming community with built-in tool that allows forums, hubs and chats for interaction. Ultra supports new project on their platform where community gives feedback and help to find out bugs. In some cases, community also help games developer through financial incentive of beta test.

Earning generation will be followed through in-game advertisement means ads will be display to the user while playing. Platform also enable item trading, referrals and secondhand market for additional revenue generation. In the referral program platform offers 3% revenue when referral complete order or make transaction on marketplace.

Ultra Price Prediction

Month & YearUOS Price Prediction
November 2020$0.1566
December 2020$0.1825
January 2021$0.1695
February 2021$0.1796
March 2021$0.2083
April 2021$0.2213
May 2021$0.1897
June 2021$0.2400
July 2021$0.2486
August 2021$0.2687
September 2021$0.2242
October 2021$0.2716
November 2021$0.3175
December 2021$0.3334
January 2022$0.3061
February 2022$0.3836
March 2022$0.4210
April 2022$0.4799
May 2022$0.5216
June 2022$0.4842
July 2022$0.5532
August 2022$0.5302
September 2022$0.3334
October 2022$0.3434
November 2022$0.3678
December 2022$0.3951
January 2025$0.3994
March 2025$0.4124
May 2025$1.1337
July 2025$1.1179
October 2025$1.1825
Decemeber 2025$1.3550
January 2030$1.2558
March 2030$1.9024
May 2030$2.0288
July 2030$1.9671
October 2030$2.0087
December 2030$2.1725

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Ultra Overview

Project nameUltra
Ticker SymbolUSO
Total Supply1,000,000,000
Official websiteUltra.io
Based onGaming Blockchain
Launched year2019
All-time high$0.28 USD
Exchange PlatformBitfinex, Coinone, Bitrue, Fatbtc
WalletUltra Go

USO ICO Overview

Platform usedERC-20
Raised by$5,000,000 USD
Date of ICO16th July 2019
ICO Price$0.05 USD
PartnersUbisoft, AMD, Unity, Microsoft, Google, Timewarner, Kingsoft, UBER, W3C, Logitech, Apple, Magic Leap, Bandai Namco, techstars, ATARI, Lucasrts, Rothschild, Stander
Ultra Price Prediction

Ultra Price Prediction

Ultra ecosystem is powered by its native token USO i.e. use to purchase games, services and virtual items on the marketplace and platform. USO Token also works with loyalty program, bug reporting, beta testing and other digital goods purchasing along with advertisement. USO can be earn for creating or publish content along with it also involve as distribution on revenue for developers. USO was introduced in July 2019 with average price of $0.040 USD, as in price graph there was no big growth observed till July 2020. However, after completing 1 year of listing on 31st July 2020 it pickup momentum, where USO surged from $0.039 to 0.14 USD in less than 1 month.


How much USO Worth in 10 years?

Probably reaching $3 USD mark.

Is Ultra a Good Investment?

Yes, if you play games then better you earn while playing games on the platform.


Revenue distribution and decentralization is always most focused thing in gaming industry, however user and developer always complains about revenue and fair decision. Ultra ensure that they will be providing 21% more revenue than existing gaming platform. currently, Ultra already taking control of more than 5000+ games with over millions of user base including developers and players. As per the official portal over 33 billion ads served on daily basis. Ultra sees huge traffic growth and also new companies like Adobe, zenimax and other joined platform to increase game capability. Ultra with gaming niche blockchain has great future and attract more user in future.

Ultra Rating