Stratis (STRAT) Price Prediction 2020, 2021, 2022, 2025, 2030

What is Stratis?

Stratis is most advanced, open and flexible blockchain development platform that introduced as special term i.e. BaaS i.e. Blockchain as a Service. It follows similar functionality as SaaS in terms of providing services. Stratis Platform helping organizations and financial services-based businesses, who wanted to deploy Application using Blockchain Technology. Stratis provide end to end solution with multi-language support including C# and .NET blockchain application.

Stratis provide frontend and backend customization with APIs and framework solution and private chain allow deploy their own customized blockchain as per business owner wanted. Stratis turnkey gives control over task like creating, testing and deploying blockchain based application with ease. Stratis ensure loss of security while implementation of project with blockchain with decentralized network.

ICO Launch Platform of Stratis after looking at response of new Blockchain project who wanted boost promote their project. Basically, platform provide platform that quickly start ICO by providing parties with 50 Exchange currency option, similar ERC-20 uses Ethereum as exchange. However other ICO platform charges fees for ICO but Stratis provides their platform at free of cost. In the recent partnership with Microsoft Stratis listed their ICO platform on Microsoft’s Azure marketplace.

Stratis Price Prediction

Month & YearSTRAT Price Prediction
September 2020$0.6514
October 2020$0.7589
November 2020$0.7052
December 2020$0.7470
January 2021$0.8665
February 2021$0.9203
March 2021$0.7888
April 2021$0.9980
May 2021$1.0338
June 2021$1.1175
July 2021$0.9322
August 2021$1.1295
September 2021$1.3207
October 2021$1.3864
November 2021$1.2729
December 2021$1.5956
January 2022$1.7510
February 2022$1.9960
March 2022$2.1693
April 2022$2.0139
May 2022$2.3007
June 2022$2.2051
July 2022$1.3864
August 2022$1.4283
September 2022$1.5298
October 2022$1.6434
November 2022$1.6613
December 2022$1.7151
January 2025$4.7150
April 2025$4.6493
July 2025$4.9182
October 2025$5.6353
Decemeber 2025$5.2230
January 2030$7.9121
April 2030$8.4380
July 2030$8.1811
October 2030$8.3544
December 2030$9.0356

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Stratis Overview

Project nameStratis
Ticker SymbolSTRAT
Circulating Supply99,869,713*
Based onBlockchain Development
Launched year2016
All-time high$22.66 USD
Exchange PlatformBinance, Upbit, Bithumb, HitBTC, Bittex, Bitvavo, VCC Exchange, CoinDCX, WazirX, Poloniex, Livecoin, Upbit, SouthXchange, Crex24,, Bittylicious.
WalletStratis Core Wallet, Breeze Wallet.
PartnersMicrosoft, Earth Twine, MediConnect, Triad,

STRAT ICO Overview

The project was launched before wave of ICO, so there was no ICO planned.

Stratis Price Analysis

Stratis one of the oldest projects based on Blockchain i.e. launched in 2016 and currently competing with project like ARK, LISK and other Ethereum dApps based project. Stratis also uses Proof of Stake algorithm, however they only advantage over other project is they having Partnership with giant companies. now recently Stratis being neutral at price chart, it started gaining rapid market cap volume and bring them very close to enter into top 100 largest crypto list. as of writing today Stratis very close to reach its previous 2020 year best. On 18th march 2020 Stratis was trading at $0.18 USD and in 2 month it reaches to $0.54 USD with approx 200%.

Stratis Price Prediction


Can Stratis Reach $1 USD?

Yes, most probably in end of 2021 or beginning of 2022.

How STRAT Much Worth in 2030?

Possibly reaching $9 USD mark as per above prediction.

Is Stratis a Good Investment?

Yes, for long term Stratis will be the best choice.


Stratis wanted to provide one stop solution to the business who wanted to merge their business into Blockchain or wanted fresh project, as their services started from infrastructure to the launching of their own currency. Stratis will be one who can start the trend BaaS similar like SaaS and play important role in the Blockchain development. so business and start-up can start business from scratch, however competitor like NEO, Lisk also improving development of infrastructure that really helpful to grow their platform. Stratis planning to add more blockchain based services will help them stay in the competition.

Stratis Rating