YFV (YFValue) Price Prediction 2020, 2021, 2025, 2030

What is YFValue?

YFValue aim to bring true value to Yield Farming i.e. liquidity mining, where user can earn passive income. YFV is governance token of YFValue Protocol that enable staking and voting on the ecosystem. The Project having simple intention of providing accessibility to bringing ease and better user interface with multiple staking asset and liquidity pool.

YFV allowing sleeker and comes up with modified on-chain voting model with feature of flexible voting parameter. In governance YFV Token holder having freedom to publicly verifiable votes. YFV will be introducing vault feature on the platform that completing focusing on achieving long term profitability of token. Once Vault official launched YFV will utilized vault strategy that support low market cap holder coins or tokens. as of writing, YFV Value vault will support WETH, renBTC and WBTC.

YFV currently supported multiple assets for YFV Locked in and YFV Staking pool. However, YFV bringing referral program where user will be rewarded for bringing their friend on the network. Decentralized finance is evolving and year 2020 will be mark as year of Decentralized Finance in blockchain industry.

YFV Price Prediction

Month & YearYFV Price Prediction
November 2020$11.11
December 2020$16.37
January 2021$20.83
February 2021$24.41
March 2021$25.22
April 2021$27.92
May 2021$25.95
June 2021$30.11
July 2021$31.21
August 2021$29.16
September 2021$33.33
October 2021$35.67
November 2021$38.08
December 2021$35.96
January 2022$39.32
February 2022$40.64
March 2022$37.42
April 2022$43.05
May 2022$44.95
June 2022$46.48
July 2022$43.78
August 2022$46.34
September 2022$48.75
October 2022$50.36
November 2022$54.38
December 2022$50.80
January 2025$53.65
March 2025$57.01
May 2025$59.35
July 2025$86.90
October 2025$86.10
Decemeber 2025$89.39
January 2030$98.16
March 2030$144.28
May 2030$147.05
July 2030$143.91
October 2030$146.03
December 2030$154.36

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YFV Finance Overview

Project nameYFValue
Ticker SymbolYFV
Total Supply15,750,000
Official websiteYfv.finance
Based onYield Farming
Launched year2020
All-time high$58.78 USD
Exchange PlatformUniwap, Balancer, Gate.io, MXC, 1inch Exchange, Bilaxy, BKEX, Hotbit, 0x Protocol.
WalletMetamask, Ledger, MyEtherWallet
YFV Finance Price Prediction

YFV Price Analysis

YFV in August 2020 become top 3rd one of the most searched DeFi Project. it was started with average price of $14.46 Average price and then following neutral path for 5 days YFV started pulling bullish trend. within week YFV jump from $14.46 USD to $50 USD with 245% price change. YFV officially makes entry into top 100 DeFi Project list on Coingecko and CMC. Following report of google YFV sees huge volume growth since last few week and expected YFV can cross $75 USD mark in September 2020.


How much YFV Worth in 2030?

Expected to Cross $500 USD mark.

Is YFV a Good Investment?

Yes, in hype of DeFi every project is worth to invest.


Decentralized Finance is skyrocketed Blockchain industry, initially investor not felt important of DeFi. In recent year centralized exchange always criticized for security, higher trading fees and other. so, having community i.e. governance backed Project or Exchange along with Yield farming and multi asset staking right now user started investing in huge amount. As per the report Binance reported highest traffic till now on their platform, as they also introduced zero fees trading on DeFi Token. YFV vault will be the key feature that definitely attract more investor in terms of increasing probability.

YFValue Rating