AceD (ACED) Coin Price Prediction 2020, 2020, 2025, 2030

What is AceD?

The Aced first ever Sportsbook privacy-oriented platform based on Blockchain technology. The main mission of the project is providing entertainment by allowing user to play games and also help them to build their own Decentralized Application dApps with AceD infrastructure. Aced wanted to launch robust gaming hub and live-sport streaming, in which table games like poker, blackjack and bigo and other games on the list.

AceD network recently launched their biggest project i.e., where you can bet on upcoming soccer and other sport matches using Bitcoin or AceD Token. AcedBets Platform also used to launch other table games as per the schedule, however still called as multi crypto sports book that help to combine streamlined interface with social feature to enable interaction with cappers.

Recently Aced announced strategic merge with GIN Project, where communities of GIN will join AceD. This partnership will form group of quality people that will bring new user and awareness to Aced Sportsbook and ecosystem.

Aced Price Prediction

Month & YearACED Price Prediction
September 2020$0.00348
October 2020$0.00406
November 2020$0.00377
December 2020$0.00399
January 2021$0.00463
February 2021$0.00492
March 2021$0.00422
April 2021$0.00534
May 2021$0.00553
June 2021$0.00597
July 2021$0.00498
August 2021$0.00604
September 2021$0.00706
October 2021$0.00741
November 2021$0.00681
December 2021$0.00853
January 2022$0.00936
February 2022$0.01067
March 2022$0.01160
April 2022$0.01077
May 2022$0.01230
June 2022$0.01179
July 2022$0.00741
August 2022$0.00764
September 2022$0.00818
October 2022$0.00879
November 2022$0.00888
December 2022$0.00917
January 2025$0.02521
April 2025$0.02486
July 2025$0.02629
October 2025$0.03013
Decemeber 2025$0.02792
January 2030$0.04230
April 2030$0.04511
July 2030$0.04374
October 2030$0.04467
December 2030$0.04831

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AceD Price Analysis

About Aced Project there is very few information available on the internet, as AceD was listed on CMC in July 2018 with opening average price $0.22 USD. since its listing AceD continuously fallen down till October 2019 and after that it started following neutral trend with average price $0.0030 USD till end of 2019. In march 2020, AceD reaches to the highest figure of this 2020 with price $0.012 USD and in the same month it reaches to all-time low with price $0.000258 USD. 2020 year so far, because even it gaining market cap volume greater 2019 year, it still dropping at price as well as in the market cap ranking.

AceD Price Prediction

ACED Overview

Project nameAceD
Ticker SymbolACED
Total Supply25,000,000
Based onSportsbook Blockchain
Launched year2018
All-time high$0.299272 USD
Exchange PlatformGraviex
WalletMetamask, MyEtherWallet, Atomic Wallet, Trust Wallet

ICO Overview

No ICO or IEO Schedule.


Can AceD Reach $0.10 USD?

Not sure, but as per previous price data it will reach somewhere in 2028.

How Much ACED Worth in 2030?

Trading in the range of $0.12 USD to $0.29.

Is AceD a Good Investment?



WINk platform is offering same feature as AceD is planning to launch or already has, however AceD already having huge number of competitors, where they don’t have chance to compete with them. AceD should be focusing on building new unique game and also focus on the trading and gaining new developer on the board.

AceD Rating