Alphalink (ANK) Coin Price Prediction 2020, 2021, 2025, 2030

What is Alphalink?

Alphalink is first ever project developed on Tron Blockchain by JustSwap. Alphalink is also first ever Tron’s distributed price oracle project aim to provide complete decentralized network. Alphalink believe to be biggest competitor for chainlink, in which their nodes also decentralized. Chainlink is developed on Ethereum Blockchain and because of this it has some limitations, so Alphalink believe to solve this problem. the project code is open source and publicly available for developer and managed by community.

Alphalink has unique solution to solve on-chain problem via decentralized network. It enables connection between complicated smart contract with real world data and API with maintaining reliability and security. Project wanted capture billion-dollar global market and focusing on becoming decentralized and capable of gaming data. Live portal current showcasing three main feature with Alphalink i.e. Accuracy, Attack resistant and Data flexibility.

ANK is the token of Alphalink ecosystem based on TRC20 Token type on Tron ecosystem. ANK token believe to share revenue of system with TRX. The Token follow price sensitivity, direct verification and distributed quotation system. It follows zero gas fee structure and oracle model relies on economic incentives, however it divided into two part i.e. uses for incentive for arbitrage miners and free market of the order book model.

Alphalink Price Prediction

Month & YearANK Price Prediction
November 2020#N/A
December 2020#N/A
January 2021#N/A
February 2021#N/A
March 2021#N/A
April 2021#N/A
May 2021#N/A
June 2021#N/A
July 2021#N/A
August 2021#N/A
September 2021#N/A
October 2021#N/A
November 2021#N/A
December 2021#N/A
January 2022#N/A
February 2022#N/A
March 2022#N/A
April 2022#N/A
May 2022#N/A
June 2022#N/A
July 2022#N/A
August 2022#N/A
September 2022#N/A
October 2022#N/A
November 2022#N/A
December 2022#N/A
January 2025#N/A
March 2025#N/A
May 2025#N/A
July 2025#N/A
October 2025#N/A
Decemeber 2025#N/A
January 2030#N/A
March 2030#N/A
May 2030#N/A
July 2030#N/A
October 2030#N/A
December 2030#N/A

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Alphalink Overview

Project nameAlphalink
Ticker SymbolANK
Total Supply21,000,000
Based onOracle based on Tron
Launched year2020
All-time high$0.60 USD
Exchange PlatformJustswap
WalletTron Wallet
Alphalink Price Prediction

Alphalink Price Analysis

Tron first announces DeFi project i.e. Justswap i.e. nothing but decentralized exchange platform with automated liquidity provision. Under JustSwap few more project listed which will follow different niche and Alphalink is also one of the projects. Alphalink sees huge hiked in price in few hours of listing on CMC and it witness almost 1800% growth in less than 24 hours, where price changed from $0.040 USD to $0.60 USD with 1200% change. The market volume continues to adding more volume as number of users rapidly growing.


Will ANK hit $1 USD?

Yes, expected this year only.

How Much ANK Worth in 2030?

Probably worth $10 USD.

Is Alphalink a Good Investment?

Yes, long HODL recommended.


Justswap seems to bigger name in DeFi decentralized Exchange platform, as more than 10 projects already listed for instant swap and liquidity pool. so, Alphalink reflect true market price from market with price sensitive nature it creates faster market price change. The price will be resistance to the attack with direct verification of price.  

Alphalink Rating