GXChain (GXC) Coin Price Prediction 2020, 2021, 2025, 2030

What is GXChain?

Gxchain is fundamental Blockchain based on Data base that aim to create secured data internet for value. Gxchain was introduced in 2017, where initially project started with Data marketplace. Project recently having more than 1 million user and software developer with thousand of user verified with real world ID. The project developed was developed by KPX aim to create ecosystem with million of user and trusted nodes to facilitate secured network.

Gxchain uses to utility token one is GXC i.e. mainstream token and second is GXS which was originally issued by ecosystem. however, Network uses Delegated Proof of Stake DPoS that activate on-chain and off-chain governance. However, GXC token holder has right to become participant in the decentralized governance system. In 2020, Gxchain introduced staking governance, where users can earn GXC token for HODL their investment in GXchain.

GXchain enable different features include G-ID, GVM, Bitweaves, BaaS and this will help to build application. BitWeaves is biggest project from Gxchain that built for improving blockchain experience for users. it recently gained million of users with mining incentive and providing efficient solution with dApps Platform. Platform currently offers services like Data privacy protection, qualified data source access, prevention of data fraud, data copyright protection, data uncached.

GXChain Price Prediction

Month & YearGXC Price Prediction
November 2020$0.5215
December 2020$0.6076
January 2021$0.5646
February 2021$0.5981
March 2021$0.6938
April 2021$0.7368
May 2021$0.6316
June 2021$0.7990
July 2021$0.8277
August 2021$0.8947
September 2021$0.7464
October 2021$0.9043
November 2021$1.0574
December 2021$1.1100
January 2022$1.0191
February 2022$1.2775
March 2022$1.4019
April 2022$1.5980
May 2022$1.7368
June 2022$1.6124
July 2022$1.8421
August 2022$1.7655
September 2022$1.1100
October 2022$1.1435
November 2022$1.2249
December 2022$1.3158
January 2025$1.3301
March 2025$1.3732
May 2025$3.7750
July 2025$3.7224
October 2025$3.9377
Decemeber 2025$4.5119
January 2030$4.1817
March 2030$6.3348
May 2030$6.7558
July 2030$6.5501
October 2030$6.6888
December 2030$7.2343

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Gxchain Overview

Project nameGXChain
Ticker SymbolGXC
Total Supply100,000,000
Official websiteGsx.gsb.io
Based onData economy
Launched year2017
All-time high$9.99 USD
Exchange PlatformHuobi Global, Binance, BitZ, Gate.io, Binance JEX, Bithumb, MXC, BigONE, Bittrex, Digifinex, BiKi
WalletGxchain wallet, Bitpie Wallet

GXC ICO Overview

Platform usedNA
Raised byNA
Date of ICONA
PartnersCeler, Woonkly, Tuple, LINKVC, Fission Capital, Stars Capital, 8Decimal, Fenbushi Digital, ZhenFund
GXchain Price Prediction

GXchain Price Analysis

GXC comparing with launching price with current price then it surely showing negative return on investment. since 2018, many crypto projects already experience huge dropped in market volume and price too. 2020 year for GXchain was said to be worst year because it hit all time lowest price after trading at $0.19 USD. but from march 2020, GXchain continue to follow mix trend of bullish and neutral trend. GXC in July mid was trading at $0.40 USD and in less than 1 month it already surged 2 times and expected to continue trend may cross $1 USD mark again in 2020.


Will GXC hit $5?

Yes, may after 3 to 4 year from now.

How much GXC will be worth in 5 years?

Probably worth between $5 to $7 USD.

How Much GXC Worth in 2030?

Most expected outcomes for 2030 will be around $25 USD

Is GXChain a Good Investment?

Yes, consider long HODL for GXChain.


GXchain almost completed 4 years in blockchain industry and they always come up with great solution for data economy. Since, debut with data marketplace and they already providing services with keeping decentralized, cryptography and smart token design on their ecosystem. so, mainstream problem of Data while uploading, storing, computation and exchange will be solved. However, GXchain already finish development data marketplace, decentralized network, blockcity and as per roadmap many new project will be debut.

GXChain Rating