IRISnet (IRIS) Price Prediction 2021, 2022, 2025, 2030

What is IRISnet?

IRISnet i.e. IRIS Hub designed for next generation decentralized applications that provide foundation. IRISnet built on Cosmos-SDK and development team include Bianjie and Tenderming Inc. in simple way IRIS is open source blockchain infrastructure that act as communication relayer for different blockchain and their application. IRIS Hub is supports token transfer across different blockchain by enabling interoperability on the network. Hub also allows computing resources and data across heterogenous systems.

IRISNet network uses BPoS i.e. Bonded Proof of Stake consensus mechanism that many of heard you for first time. BPos is nothing but form of Delegated Proof of Stake that simply allows more token to staker that help to maximize staking rewards. However, delegation is non-custodial and cannot spend by delegates. IRIS will be the native token of ecosystem that also use to pay transaction fees as well smart contract execution. Holding IRIS token allows participate in governance ecosystem for creating and voting.

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IRISnet interoperability uses for application that wanted off-chain and on-chain data or information transfer and collaboration. So, similar like Cosmos IRIS hub utilizes a model that support multiple tokens, however Token can be store into zone and can be transferred from one zone to another.

IRISnet Price Prediction

Month & YearIRIS Price Prediction
June 2021$0.2588
July 2021$0.4805
August 2021$0.5425
September 2021$0.5828
October 2021$0.6665
November 2021$0.8959
December 2021$0.9656
January 2022$1.4724
February 2022$1.7359
March 2022$2.0304
April 2022$1.8909
May 2022$2.3559
June 2022$2.5264
July 2022$2.8209
August 2022$2.2474
September 2022$2.6814
October 2022$3.1773
November 2022$2.8364
December 2022$3.0223
July 2023$3.4098
January 2025$6.9901
March 2025$6.3857
May 2025$6.8506
July 2025$6.0602
September 2025$7.0211
October 2025$7.2536
Decemeber 2025$7.6256
January 2030$13.5153
March 2030$14.3212
May 2030$15.5612
July 2030$16.1502
September 2030$14.9102
December 2030$16.6616

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IRISnet Overview

Project nameIRISnet
Ticker SymbolIRIS
Total Supply1,997,886,844
Based onCosmos SDK
Launched year2019
All-time high $$0.19 USD
Exchange PlatformBinance, Huobi Global, Bibox, MXC, Bithumb Global, Hotbit, BigONE, Bittex.
WalletRainbow Wallet

IRIS ICO Overview

Platform usedETH
Raised byNA
Date of ICO9 march 2019
ICO Price$0.08 USD
PartnersChainlink, Okchan, Tendermint, Interchain, HASHKEY, PlatON, Kava, E-money, IOV, Coirfan.

IRIS Price Analysis

IRIS since mid-July 2020 gaining consistent market volume and from that IRIS started surging with following bullish trend. ROI also turned positive in August 2020 and now project already entered into top 100 crypto list by market volume. IRISnet also supported DeFi platform after collaboration with Okchain and IRIS looks solid in 2020 month and may follow bullish trend to cross previous all-time best price. recent two partnership to enable oracle and DeFi which are most trending thing right now and that was reason behind surged in price.

IRISnet Price Prediction


Will IRIS hit $1 USD?

Yes, most probably after 2023.

How much IRIS will be worth in 5 years?

Expected to reach $1.5 USD mark.

How Much IRIS Token Worth in 2030?

Probably worth more than $3 USD.

Is IRISnet a Good Investment?

Yes, Long HODL recommended.


In 2020, IRIS announces two major integration i.e. with DeFi Platform and Chainlink oracle services. IRISnet interoperability that include privacy preserving data exchange, asset exchange for supply chain finance and marketplace exchange via inter-chain. No limit of Staking also help validator earn more rewards however they allow 100 validators. While IRIS also focus on providing solution for distributed business application. On the network zone are connected to hub and with interoperable solution it can connect with each other.

IRISnet Rating