XDCE (XinFin Network) Price Prediction 2020, 2021, 2025, 2030

What is XDCE?

XDCE is the Token created by 3rd generation hybrid blockchain platform XinFin Network, XinFin Stands for Exchange Infinite. Project is combination of different public & Private blockchain network like Bitcoin, Ethereum and Quorum to obtained their power, speed and security. it changing global computer connectivity network by connection different business and community from all around world. Xinfin Network was originally backed by ERC-20 Ethereum Token and now its is parallelly working on XDC01 Protocol to launch Mainnet.

Project has Permissioned consensus mechanism which can be replace wasteful energy into intensive mining to obtained free mining. The Publish state in the hybrid platform can be shared by community, in which enterprises has their own unique private state and public stake, the public state used to share all data within XDC network and private state is used to protect sensitive and financial data. all cross-border payment transaction confirmation and messaging layer is managed by XDC Protocol and protocol achieved real world transactions with smart contract and IOT integration.

Xinfin Blockchain was launched in 2017 by Singapore based finance company who basically provide solution for tradefinex, Business efficiency, Remittance, E-wallet and Private network and more. the idea of integrating with Blockchain to provide solution for international trade and finance services. The Hybrid architecture was formed as fork version of JP Morgan’s Quorum Platform.

XDCE Price Prediction

XDCE team full stacked by experienced people and now they with the perfect execution and following trend of delegated Proof of Stake mechanism price are Soaring in year 2020, as in last 1 week it hiked by 170% and in last 1-month XDCE hiked by over 480%. As Tfuel Coin was one who showing same growth rate since last one month, so we are seeing competition for who will have highest growth rate. Right now, talking about price Prediction XDCE will have full potential to reach $0.01 USD mark in till end of 2020 year, as the marketing team pushing this project hard since last year success, team is having very experienced people and with that if they manages to enter into top 100 market cap holder list then this crypto will be noticeable for many giant or small investor.

XDCE Coin Price Prediction 2020

Month & YearPrice Prediction in USD
August 2020$0.0040 USD
September 2020$0.0032 USD
October 2020$0.0065 USD
November 2020$0.0087 USD
December 2020$0.00921 USD
Note: in Q4 2020, XDCE may reach $0.01 USD
XDCE Price Prediction

In the prediction table we provided average of value of specific month. Now moving forward in future in 2021, Xinfin need to keep following trend in Blockchain platform and staking need to be improve. The network is full staked with amazing finance and enterprise feature which allow to create different project need to pushed to making user friend and easy to easy.

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Quarter & YearPrice Prediction USD
Q1 2021$0.0076 USD
Q2 2021$0.0060 USD
Q3 2021$0.0098 USD
Q4 2021$0.017 USD
Q1 2025$0.42 USD
Q2 2025$0.78 USD
Q3 2025$0.31 USD
Q4 2025$0.46 USD
Q1 2030$2.34 USD
Q2 2030$3.21 USD
Q3 2030$3.45 USD
Q4 2030$4.79 USD

XinFin Network Overview

Project nameXinfin Network
Ticker SymbolXDCE
Total Supply15,000,000,000
Official websiteXinfin.org & Xinfin.io
Launched Year2017
Based onHybrid Blockchain Platform
All-time High$0.019 USD
Trading PlatformBilaxy, Idodax, Mercatox, Bancor Network, Hotbit, IDEX, Fatbct, STEX, P2PB2B, LATOKEN, TOPBTC, COSS
WalletXinfin wallet, XDC wallet, Ledger.

Xinfin ICO Overview

In June 2017 pre-ICO was started with Price $0.0008 USD, as in main ICO was ended on 15th march 2018, where XDCE was raised by $15 million USD. as per the report XinFin ICO got 4 average rating out of 5 from top ICO managing platform. As we mentioned above, they have used ERC-20 Token during ICO distribution, as 10% supply was available for pre ICO distribution and other supply is allocated to development pool, founder team, hedge pool and Xinfin organization.

Partnership and Integration

Recently XDCE is established partnership with Copper.on for institutional custody solution, so from no XDC mainnet is live on copper platform. The most beloved integration Xinfin turn into reality by financing solar plan using Xinfin platform and IOT integration, in which IOT will keep monitoring or reporting of partner solar plant performance in the real world. After this in April 2020 they become partner with AiX i.e. a leading AI trading platform and also in same year they also become partner with Black Tier Blockchain. The network has strategic partner including W3BT, R3 Corda, SotaTek, TheCurrency Analytics, TradeFinex and Ramco.

Technical Overview

XDCE is obtained 2k+ transaction per second with lowest transaction fees starting from $0.0001 USD and approval time is 2 second. Staking and master node can be operated with KYC security. For Banking tool network compatible with ISO 20022, the ERP and SWIFT system help to obtained higher interoperability with hybrid blockchain.


Is XDCE Coin Good Investment?

yes, good for long term investment.

How much XinFin Worth In 2025?

$0.80 USD maximum.

Can XinFin Reach $1 USD?

may be 2027.


In the current situation Big Blockchain Project, Mastercard and other active payment method not able to deliver higher transaction per second, but XinFin Network Bringing change in the traditional Blockchain payment transaction speed with XDPoS protocol. so, it is strongly established project with experience and hardworking team, who knows what should be blockchain and its future potential.

Xinfin Network Rating

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