Nectar (NEC) Price Prediction 2020, 2021, 2025, 2030

What is Nectar?

Nectar Token is invented to innovate and grow decentralized exchange (DEX) community. NEC is created by Ethfinex trading platform i.e. launched in 2018 that has trustless interface created using Ethereum Blockchain. the platform has unique structure that gives two option while trading that include faster execution and trustless on-chain settlement.

Initially purpose of launching NEC Token is to distribute within the active user of EthFinex platform and that will enable staking to balance ecosystem. so, similarly like other platform Ethfinex also offer discount on transaction fees for NEC holder and moreover it also gives control on governance decision via voting. in future major decision will be responsible for future change in ecosystem.

Nectar Token via Deversifi platform announces to enter into Decentralized market finance, however NEC token also listed on DeFi project list on Coingeko and CMC. as Ethfinex now called as DeversiFi which matured decentralized trading platform. however, every week NEC token will be purchased from DeversiFi trading fees and supply will cut off with buy and burn model. So, purchase token will be burn in future time.

Nectar Price Prediction

Month & YearNEC Price Prediction
September 2020$0.2335
October 2020$0.2721
November 2020$0.2528
December 2020$0.2678
January 2021$0.3106
February 2021$0.3299
March 2021$0.2828
April 2021$0.3577
May 2021$0.3706
June 2021$0.4006
July 2021$0.3342
August 2021$0.4049
September 2021$0.4734
October 2021$0.4970
November 2021$0.4563
December 2021$0.5720
January 2022$0.6277
February 2022$0.7155
March 2022$0.7776
April 2022$0.7219
May 2022$0.8247
June 2022$0.7905
July 2022$0.4970
August 2022$0.5120
September 2022$0.5484
October 2022$0.5891
November 2022$0.5955
December 2022$0.6148
January 2025$1.6902
April 2025$1.6666
July 2025$1.7630
October 2025$2.0201
Decemeber 2025$1.8723
January 2030$2.8363
April 2030$3.0248
July 2030$2.9327
October 2030$2.9948
December 2030$3.2390

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Nectar Token Overview

Project nameNectar Token
Ticker SymbolNEC
Total Supply618,133,670
Based onDeFi
Launched year2019
All-time high$0.575364 USD
Exchange PlatformBitfinex, Uniswap.
WalletLumi Wallet

NEC ICO Overview

Platform usedPolyswarm
Raised by$25.94 Million
Date of ICONA
PartnersRigoblock, Polyswarm
Nectar Price Prediction

Nectar Price Analysis

NEC specially designed to maintain liquidity and market efficiency of the platform. the integrated decentralized protocol will help user to earn NEC token with automatic generation as loyalty rewards and also staking will also offer rewards for supporting ecosystem. so, there is rapid generation and burning of Nectar token on platform keeps price fluctuation on. In recent announcement of nectar that something big coming with this platform that help that token to follow bullish trend. However, NEC since July 2019 following neutral trend with price $0.060 USD, as there is small growth in market volume as well since June 2020.


Can NEC Reach $1 USD?

Yes, most probably after 2022.

How Much NEC Worth in 2030?

Probably crossing $5 USD.

Is Nectar a Good Investment?

Yes, if you user of deversiFi platform then Staking NEC will bring more benefit.


Deversifi recently introduced 2.0 version, where transaction said to be faster with full custody on user investment. In recent trend Nectar is listed on the DeFi list and already in ranking under top 30 defi project. So, with decentralized exchange they will be bringing DeFi market on the platform following the success yearn finance and compound.

Nectar Rating