Nexalt (XLT) Coin Price Prediction 2021, 2022, 2025, 2030

What is Nexalt?

Nexalt is another unique blockchain based project that based on Decentralized marketing plan. Nexalt was originally founded in 2017 with pre-mined coins and initial coin offering. Platform believing in the Bitcoin Blockchain and usages Litecoin concept to achieve their main goal. In 2020 Nexalt become first ever fully functional cryptocurrency based on MLC, as It followed simple integration with multilevel integration plan without any third-party interference.

Project founder stated that Nexalt will be advanced version of Litecoin blockchain because of additional feature of MLC. However, nexalt is open source means anyone can open their own network. in the main feature Nexalt claimed that system will generate rewards for marketer community. while every transaction Nexalt uses public key for both sender and receiver end, as they require sponsor to complete transactions. Nexalt has implement MLM, where miner and miner become owner of generated or mined coin, so in short, all community member or work will be actual owner without central entity.

XLT will be utility token of Nexalt blockchain that will be used as decentralized money. XLT Token also followed MLM concept and user can perform private, secure cross border payment all over the world.

Nexalt Price Prediction

Month & YearXLT Price Prediction
November 2020$1.1444
December 2020$1.6864
January 2021$2.1457
February 2021$2.5146
March 2021$2.5974
April 2021$2.8760
May 2021$2.6727
June 2021$3.1018
July 2021$3.2148
August 2021$3.0040
September 2021$3.4331
October 2021$3.6740
November 2021$3.9225
December 2021$3.7041
January 2022$4.0504
February 2022$4.1860
March 2022$3.8547
April 2022$4.4344
May 2022$4.6302
June 2022$4.7883
July 2022$4.5097
August 2022$4.7732
September 2022$5.0216
October 2022$5.1873
November 2022$5.6014
December 2022$5.2325
January 2025$5.5261
March 2025$5.8724
May 2025$6.1133
July 2025$8.9516
October 2025$8.8688
Decemeber 2025$9.2076
January 2030$10.1111
March 2030$14.8617
May 2030$15.1478
July 2030$14.8240
October 2030$15.0424
December 2030$15.9006

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Nexalt Overview

Project nameNexalt
Ticker SymbolXLT
Total Supply100,800,000
Based onMLM
Launched year2020
All-time high$2.64 USD
Exchange PlatformFinexbox, IndoEx, Cat.Ex
WalletOwn Wallet
Nexalt Price Prediction

XLT Price Analysis

XLT price continue to pump as project gaining different companies as client in order to start mass marketing and referral solution. Project also targeting ecommerce platform and other online store that accept online payment with payment gateway. in all-time price report XLT currently having 200+% ROI and recently enter into top 200 largest blockchain project. however, big trading platform started listing XLT on their platform and daily market volume continue to rise. XLT trade open at price $0.51 USD and it already reaches $2.64 USD. in coming day XLT expected to enter into top 100 crypto blockchain project.


Will XLT reaches $10 USD?

Most probably after 2022.

Is Nexalt a Good Investment?

Yes, consider long term investment and do proper study before you invest.


Nexalt introduced with decentralized finance network and allow people to become sponsor by joining system. however, it already become first ever blockchain integrated multi-level marketing without any middlemen. Project continue vision of Litecoin and it may end up with becoming on the most secure network.

Nexalt Rating